21 February 2022 2 min

A glass full of memories

In these unexpected and uncertain times, there is one thing that people have learnt. It is to be extra careful with health. The situation has encouraged everyone to change their focus on overall well-being, including minor habits. It includes the cookware, tableware and kitchenware one uses at home. Where and in what you cook your […]

31 January 2022 2 min

The joy of sustainability

Clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and green trees for beauty; isn’t that your idea of a sustainable environment?  It is for almost everyone you can ask. People agree that great healthy life includes lesser waste, less exploitation of resources, green practices, recycling and everything you relate with eco-friendly living. Putting the practical […]

16 January 2022 2 min

Bowl full of happiness.

Can you please hurry up?  I am running late. You are not from this generation if you do not use this line at least once a day. You are always on the go, and so is your food. Quick and short bite is now a term that has successfully made it to the restaurant menu. […]