2 December 2021 2 min

Enjoy an elusive winter weekend outdoor luncheon

Dining inside four walls is so outdated. This winter, try something new. Have a luncheon with your friends on an open lawn. This will be a major stress-buster for you. The weather, even though chilly, gets beautiful in winter. It might just be time to embrace the outdoor dining experience. Imagine a bonfire on the […]

27 November 2021 2 min

How to throw a cosy winter brunch

Winter is finally here. The best thing about this season is snuggling into the blanket with a cup of coffee. You have to agree it is the best feeling ever. With favourite food to eat, movie to watch and beverage to drink at home, who would ever want to leave the house to have dinner […]

25 November 2021 2 min

Get acquainted with gifts that are thoughtful & beautiful

The season of gifting has only begun. While giving and receiving presents during Diwali is an age-old tradition, it’s only the beginning of all the get-togethers, warm winter gatherings, weddings, end of year parties and more. And what better to express your love than handmade gifts. The main motive of the gifting custom is to […]