18 March 2020 2 min

Napkin Folding Ideas for Your Get Together

What is your next get-together plan? No matter what it is, do not forget to let your dining table glow a little more with amazing napkin presentations! Can you feel the difference when you skip adding spice in your food? Yes, that’s exactly the difference you can feel in the absence of napkins on your […]

18 March 2020 2 min

Reasons To Avoid Paper Towels And Use Napkins Instead

Are you confused over using cloth napkins over paper towels and napkins? Have you ever thought about how much bucks you would have saved if you bought napkins instead of paper towels? We will help you with some research work and make it easy for you to understand the reasons to go for cloth napkins.  […]

17 March 2020 2 min

How to Set Up Your Dining Table for a Get Together

Inviting your loved ones for a meal is always fun, no matter whether the occasion is big or small. As much as you enjoy being a host, it does come with some challenges. What food to serve? How to impress the guests with your plating skills? How to set up your dining table that is […]