30 December 2021 2 min

Essential kitchenware products for your kitchen!

Who would have thought that empty glass bottles that people have otherwise thrown away could use as a piece of décor? It is not the only example of how you can use the waste item in more than one way? There are so many things with multiple purposes in and around the home. They save […]

25 November 2021 2 min

Get acquainted with gifts that are thoughtful & beautiful

The season of gifting has only begun. While giving and receiving presents during Diwali is an age-old tradition, it’s only the beginning of all the get-togethers, warm winter gatherings, weddings, end of year parties and more. And what better to express your love than handmade gifts. The main motive of the gifting custom is to […]

16 October 2021 2 min

Napkin rings to enhance your table setting

“What is all the fuss about?” “We are just eating, why spend so many hours decorating the table?” How often have you heard people saying this? Understandably, setting up a table is a task in itself. But, what many don’t realize is that it plays a pivotal role in setting up the mood for the […]