4 November 2021 2 min

How to give your home an instant festive makeover

Diwali is here.  Is your home ready for the festival?  Or  You are still struggling to clean the stuffed corners of your house? The struggle to clean the house on the occasion of Diwali never gets old. It is like an annual thing that every member of an Indian household has to participate in. No […]

2 November 2021 2 min

Happy family of storage bins

A conversation about storage bins is probably the best thing for a person with organisational skills. You must have seen some people getting excited over re-organising a closet or kitchen shelves. It is like their favourite pastime. It doesn’t come as a shock because have you seen the storage bins lately. They are beautiful. Some […]

9 October 2021 2 min

You are invited to lend your culinary hub a Diwali makeover

Deep cleaning our homes in preparation for Diwali is an age-old tradition. Most of us follow a similar practice during this time by thoroughly cleaning our homes several days before Diwali. As an act to usher in new beginnings, being gracious hosts, maintaining a clean space, all things festive! The first step towards cleaning is […]