3 March 2022 2 min

5 ways to give your bedroom a makeover

Your bedroom must be the most important space for you. The bedroom is where you let your guards down and just be. It is the room where one feels free and meets his true self. A person may wander all over the world, but no place can match the level of comfort you feel in […]

5 February 2022 2 min

Ways to use-reuse jars

Next time you get to the bottom of your jam or Nutella jar, do not throw it away. Yes. You heard that right. Do not consider them useless. They are of great use. But, do we need to tell you this? Indian households are amazing at reusing everything. From empty bottles to worn-out clothes, women […]

4 February 2022 2 min

What are the uses of wooden serving trays?

Wooden serving trays are timeless and reflect elegance. With their subtle design and stylish engraved handles, wooden serving trays are a classic serving piece. They add culture to the table of modern times. The matt finish and sophisticated look remain in vogue for longer than one can expect. ellementry has a wide collection of wooden […]