25 January 2022 2 min

How to create cosy corners for winters

What is your idea of enjoying winters? For more people, it is enjoying a hot cup of coffee in a cosy blanket with a favourite movie on. Having a cosy corner at home is a necessity. It is your little personal space in your abode where you can sit, sip your coffee, and read your […]

18 June 2021 2 min

Find the right pendant lamps for your home

You might overlook it while decorating your home, but lighting plays a prominent role in embodying your dream interior look. It is perhaps the most vital element of interior design. We are aware that it holds the power of playing with our mood, perceptions, sensation. It can create a dreamy ambience much more than furniture […]

30 January 2021 2 min

Top decor items to decorate your room

The fundamentals of home décor is a dynamic subject, with global trends and décor sensibilities that evolve all the time. So, when you decide to deck up your room, you may consider the following trends and mix them with your tastes and preferences. There is also a constant dilemma when it comes to selecting décor […]