20 March 2021 2 min

Ellementry’s gifting Ideas for your woman of substance

Women have always been versatile. They have the power to adorn different roles at the same time. She excels in everything. As the times are changing, the roles have also changed. Women today are standing strong and tall in various fields. They are outgoing and opinionated! Women are pursuing their passion. She has interests outside […]

20 January 2021 2 min

How tablespoons make serving hassle-free

A spoon is an essential kitchen tool used while cooking, serving, and eating food. Many different kinds of spoons are available at Ellementry to serve food, salads or desserts. Although the typical household may not differentiate between each one of them, they boast different functionalities in restaurants all over the world. Knowing this variation between […]

14 March 2020 2 min

How to Decide Which Cutlery is Best for Your Kitchen?

Are you looking forward to completely revamping your kitchen? The most important aspect which you need to check is the cutlery you have to buy in your bag. Yes, you just cannot use the old cutlery in your new kitchen as it can not gel well with the decor.  When it comes to purchasing cutlery, […]