29 March 2021 2 min

Make your garden summer-ready with planters!

Humans spend a considerable amount of time indoors. Whether it is our home or office, we are indoors for the most part of the day. The modern-day architecture, decor and technology are such that it keeps you hooked for hours. But the freshness and soothing appeal of the home or indoors is amiss. When the […]

28 March 2021 2 min

Upgrade your summer beverages with sustainable drinkware

Summer is almost here. Belonging to a southern Asian country, we Indians are used to having hot weather most of the year. It is the most enjoyed season as it is the time to relish flavoured ice-creams, wear those loose comfy clothes, and beat the heat with chilling cool beverages. To drink them in style, […]

24 March 2021 2 min

Learning From The Wisdom Of Past

India is a land of rich cultural heritage. We are well known for our diversity and also for various traditional approaches that bring the best out of each individual. Our food, culture, nature, and wellbeing intertwine effortlessly. Eating and serving food is not a form of art or a way to meet bodily necessities. It […]