28 February 2022 2 min

5 Wooden pieces perfect for cooking up a storm

If you love cooking then you must know how crucial kitchen tools are for cooking? Not a single chef in the house or at a restaurant can cook with no tools. Tools are like your helping hand, making the process easy and quick. Believe it or not, your dishes taste and look. In an Indian […]

6 February 2022 2 min

Glass bottles that fits everywhere

It doesn’t matter if it is winters or summers. You have to keep yourself hydrated in all the seasons.  It is important for your overall well-being. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, your blood is 90 per cent water. While some people do not consume enough water, some people like to keep track of their […]

1 February 2022 2 min

How does hand-pound bring out the authentic flavour?

Hand-pounding is one of the traditional methods of cooking. The practice is famous in Indian households. It helps to remove the outer layer of grains and crush spice and herbs by mortar and pestle. In early times, hand-pounding was limited to those who produced and sold grain in some way or the other. The popular […]