26 March 2021 2 min

How terracotta can be your best friend in the summers?

There was a time when terracotta or earthenware used to be a part of every Indian household. Right from cooking food to storing it, food found its place in utensils made from terracotta. But as we advanced, our utensils changed significantly. The fancy-looking products started making their way into our home with terracotta taking a back […]

9 April 2020 2 min

Are Wine Coolers Worthy of their Title? – Find out Now!

Wine is the sweet drink of every bar as it treats the guests with a delightful taste. To deliver a chilled wine that, every guest would love, a cooler is needed to cool it. Wine coolers are the necessary appliance in cooling the wine for a long period reliably. The temperature of the wine is […]