We have often heard the term “trust the process,” and when it comes to handcrafting with the help of artisans, it is a classic example of that phrase. The farmhouse flair eco mix vases are sustainable, handmade, and eggshell-hued decor pieces for your home.

The ecomix material is a revival of the age-old paper mache technique. Every piece is unique in its own way, as the artisans craft it in the factory, giving importance to every piece.

Farmhouse Flair ecomix tall vase

Farmhouse flair vases are a great way to add a minimalistic and clean look to your home. Let the charm of simplicity rest in the corners of your home.

farmhouse flair ecomix vase - tall
farmhouse flair ecomix vase – tall

The beauty lies in the details, and the three-sided cane stitches of this vase are modern yet traditional. This is a tall variety that can be kept indoors as well as outdoors. This eco-friendly piece helps you practice or even begin a sustainable lifestyle.

We often buy pieces that stand out because of their appearance and textures. The eggshell colour of these vases complements the Farmhouse Flair decor and furniture.

You can rest your colourful, freeze-dried, artificial, or even hand-picked floral arrangements from your garden in the vases and let them enhance the space.

Farmhouse flair ecomix short vase

The short vase is unique in its shape. You don’t have to worry about it being delicate. The materials used to make sure it is sturdy, even though it is made with paper mache. Both vases can be paired together to complete the look.

farmhouse flair ecomix vase - short
farmhouse flair ecomix vase – short

Promoting a sustainable and waste-free life is always a good practice. ellementry believes the same idea runs through every product in every collection. 

We are concerned about keeping white-toned decor in our homes because it can easily detect a stain or dust. We have thought through the process and made it simpler for you. You can use a damp cloth with lemon to wipe the stain. And for your regular care, you can dust it using a dry cloth. It is easy to maintain and clean.

To make your home follow the same colour tone and to maintain a modern home with hints of fusion or tradition, you can shop the entire farmhouse collection. Let the wooden and glass products add more utility, form, and function to your homes. The entire range is suitable for your vacation home.

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