Clean water to drink, fresh air to breathe and green trees for beauty; isn’t that your idea of a sustainable environment? 

It is for almost everyone you can ask. People agree that great healthy life includes lesser waste, less exploitation of resources, green practices, recycling and everything you relate with eco-friendly living. Putting the practical knowledge aside, practicing sustainability in day to day activities can be fun. Not only do you keep your nature clean and green, but your eco-conscious actions also leave you filled with content and a sense of relief. ellementry, a complete brand for kitchenware and décor wares, has dedicated its work to the betterment of nature. The brand believes it is when you can give something to nature; you can achieve something that is far more valuable.

The first pleasant feeling of healthy nature that comes to mind is the joy of the outdoors. Don’t you feel overwhelmed when you are in the mountains watching the sunset with stunning landscape adding to its beauty? The feeling is exhilarating. But this is about the outdoors, what about the indoors? Sustainability is equally important in your home too. Decorate your home in a way that speaks of a green lifestyle from every corner.

For you, we have listed an array of sustainable, convenient, affordable and pleasing home décor ideas. Incorporate them to give your abode an eco-friendly makeover:

Use sustainable furniture

You must know that eco-friendly furniture at home put so much lesser stress on nature. Its production and usage at home don’t release any kind of toxic chemical or fumes. More importantly, they are one of a kind. Eco-friendly furniture gives your paradise a unique character. Use them to give your home clean, green and posh look interiors.

Indoor plants to add life

Beautiful indoor plants add positivity and life to your space. Their vibrant greenery and freshness are enough to decorate your living room. They are the most inexpensive way of décor. Along with keeping your home heavenly, plants enhance the beauty of the interiors and keep your ambience’s air clean and fresh all the time.

Sustainable cookware 

You are what you eat. When you use non-stick cookware and serveware, toxic chemicals glazed at its surface mix with your food. It affects your health. Kitchenware made from glass, ceramic, terracotta, and metal is considered the best for the kitchen.

To help you refurbish your home, we have listed down some products by ellementry. Each product is handmade using an age-old technique handed down through generations of artisans. ellementry encapsulates tradition, artistry, beauty and sustainability.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

sienna terracotta baking dish

Bake all our favourite dishes in this stunningly simple terracotta baking dish. Terracotta is the best for using nature-friendly cookware because the material allows heat to distribute evenly all over the surface. Your result is a delicious recipe with a crispy and thoroughly baked crust. The baking dish is so gorgeous that you can bake and later use it as serveware. A true baker will fall in love with this product at first look.

Arra brass saucepan

Arra brass tea pan with wooden handle  

It’s cold outside, and there’s nothing like a nice cup of chai to keep you warm. With the help of ellementry’s Arra brass tea pan, you can brew the perfect cup of tea that will transport you back in time. The traditional method of brewing tea is done in this pan. Extra care has been taken to maintain a secure grip when pouring boiling liquid into a teapot, as evidenced by the pan’s wooden handle.

Brawny cutlery holder

Brawny cutlery holder

Give your cutlery collection a fine stand to store. The brawny 3 partition cutlery stand will enhance your dining table’s look. You will fall in love with the product as it is handcrafted with high-quality mango wood. The cutlery stand has 3-partitions, giving your spoons, forks and knife separate sections, avoiding any kind of a mess while looking for one.

Ort ceramic planter 

Ort ceramic planter

Give your home a true meaning of green décor with this ort ceramic tall planter. Gift your home goodness of green that will contribute t your home’s cheerful ambience. Put the planter on your lawn or your balcony; it will only raise the standard of the space with its mere presence.

Twine wooden bench (blue)

wooden bench
Twine wooden bench (blue)

When you put extra attention to little detail, your home’s interior reflects sophistication. Ensure your room or your heavenly abode symbolizes unique and stylish furniture like this twine wooden bench. Durable jute and natural wood construction ensure its strength. It is perfect for the foot of the bed to sit. Feel free to keep your throw blankets. You can even place it at the entrance to remove and wear shoes or place it next to the window to relax and enjoy the outside view.

The joy of sustainability is unmatched. Experience every bit of it with ellementry and its eco-friendly products. 


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