We often forget the beauty of textures that are naturally created. Some things never get old, especially something that the world crafts or inspires us with. There is always some nostalgia hidden in such concepts. 

orbis collection

Have you ever held a piece in your hands and adored it for a couple of minutes because of how it felt, every texture and the hidden hues? Certain pieces get our attention because of it’s shape or colour, but when you look closely, it is nothing but mesmerising.

We do believe in love at first sight.

Orbis is one of the irresistible collections which makes you think about the details. It reflects the idea of planets orbiting around the earth for years. The asymmetric ripples being complimented with the browns and black tones are nothing but mesmerising about this collection. If you were wondering about the material then it is Mango wood. 

Just like everything and anything can fit in this world of ours, the round bowls designed by ellementry help you store some nibbles worthy food, your dainty jewellery pieces or even some household stationeries. It will not only serve a purpose but can easily be a conversation starter for someone visiting your house for the first time. The tri-legged round or shallow bowls come in multiple sizes. You can pick any, or maybe all of them because it can never be too much when it consists of things you love! 

orbis tri legged round bowl small and large
orbis tri legged bowls

Taking you back to the times when opening jars was a secret activity or a group activity with your sibling when everyone was asleep. This time you might not have to sneak but it will be like opening a jar of happiness. And you need not worry about your snacks going rancid nor becoming chewy, as this is an air-tight container. 

orbis jar
orbis jar

Just like the bowls and jars in this collection, the platters as well are quintessential examples of multipurpose items. May it be a round tri-legged platter or an asymmetric tri-legged platter. You can serve some cookies and muffins or even use them to present your culinary skills to your guests.

orbis tri legged platter
orbis tri legged platter


Every piece is unique as they are handcrafted and moulded separately.

You will witness similar patterns in the respective serveware and storeware categories from the Orbis collection but they stand out as you compare them individually.

If the environmentally friendly, sustainable and handcrafted pieces interest you, style and uniqueness are what we have incorporated in every piece be put there for you. Witness the balance between style, form and function. 

To explore more collections, stay tuned to ellementry.com   

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