We are living in the times of DIY. Everything you own is a multi-purpose product. It can be used in more than one way. All you need is a creative angle for your interiors. For example. Your wine bottles work like wonder if you keep fairy lights in them. Or you can use it as a vase. Paint the outer surface and put your favourite flowers in them. It will look beautiful sitting on your cabinet beside the bed or your work table. Everything you use is open to creativity. Use them any way you like. Here we will talk about multiple wooden serving trays that you own. Ellementry will suggest to you some alternate ways of using them because you can never really have too many trays. 

A serving tray is a versatile product that every household has. It offers both functional and stylish functions effortlessly. A house has multiple trays in the kitchen which people only use for the conventional purpose of serving the guests. But, why not try some interesting and unique ways and use the trays in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Not many know this, but a serving tray is no less than an ornament at home. If used thoughtfully, it will give your home’s interior a stylish touch. 

Living room

There is a lot to experiment with here. Take one serving tray. Keep storage cans of nuts and chips on it and put them on the coffee table. If you have a cabinet in a corner, here is something that you can do. Get 2 aromatic candles and one flower pot and put them all on a steel or wooden serving tray. Now put the tray on the cupboard. It will give your living room a very minimalist look. Also, your table will look nicely put together without having items lying randomly on it. 

glass water bottle
drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper

A nightstand is always messy with books, specs, glasses, glass water bottles, hair ties, and whatnot. It is people’s habit that before going to bed, they throw stuff on the nightstand. With the help of a serving tray, you can declutter this tiny space. It will become more organized if you put all the items on it. You will find it easier to get them all when in need. 

Bar counter
side table
soiree side table

Nowadays, people have started making one corner in their home a bar counter. Exhibit your exquisite wine collection differently. Serving trays are available in different sizes and shapes. Get one round shape tray. Put it on the bar counter and keep all your exclusive bottles on it. It will give a subtle and instant look to your favourite space in the home. 

Have a look at some of the serving trays by Ellementry. They will precisely help you get the right look for any room you like. 

Frangipani circular wooden tray

frangipani wooden tray

You will be amazed to see how extraordinary and beautiful this tray looks. Use it whichever way you like, and the tray will rock every corner and décor idea. The best way would be to keep this for bar parties. Keep your beautiful wine glasses on it and serve your guests with a smile. Frangipani mango wood tray is a handcrafted round tray framed by a chunky rim, and hand-painted flowers highlight the base. It is ideal for serving drinks, cheese or pretty much anything. It can also serve as a centrepiece on a coffee table in your home or office. The product is undoubtedly a beauty.

In-teak wooden tray-small

in teak wooden tray

If you like to keep things simple and sophisticated, an in-teak wooden tray is for you. Its simplicity is its beauty. It is perfect to be used for the conventional purpose of serving. After all, that’s what they are meant for. 

The shade of grey wooden tray

This one is perfect for your dresser or nightstand. The design has a certain depth that will prevent the items from falling. It has a beautiful design hand-painted on its surface by real artisans. The shade of grey wooden tray is a piece of art and would be the perfect addition to your household. Use it in the kitchen to serve your guests drinks or food, it is suitable for all uses. The detailed flower design in white on a grey background makes it more elegant. While being beautiful, this handcrafted piece is also sturdy and purposeful.

Get one or buy them all, ellementry has many more such trays. Explore them all on Ellementry.com. 

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