Have you been invited to an anniversary party? A couple that is close to your heart will be celebrating their years of togetherness? Then, you must pick a thoughtful and charming present that they would love to receive. However, gift-giving is an art that not everyone excels at! One has to think about plenty of things, such as age, preferences, whether it is a silver or golden jubilee they are celebrating, etc. Even if you know the couple well, picking the most appropriate souvenir can still be a daunting task. It is because there are so many options out there, whether you choose something in the kitchenware section or décor. When you are in a dilemma, it is better to go with products that are perfect to gift and make you come across as sophisticated and thoughtful. Wondering what those products are? Ellementry has compiled a list of anniversary presents that are beautiful, eco-friendly, classy, and meets form and function. Let us check them out!

lazy susan

Head(Y) Ceramic Bottle Stopper Set Of Two

The gift-giving culture in India has taken up a new identity as it is influenced by western culture. People prefer taking wine bottle as a present for the hosting couple. It is also a thoughtful gift (if the receiver loves a good drink), but once the bottle is popped open, the lid must be placed back on it so that the fizz remains intact. The anniversary duo might not have a bottle stopper. Head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two comes to the rescue in such a case. It can also be put on everyday glass bottles.

ceramic bottle stopper
head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two

Savor Mint Eucalyptus Natural Soy Wax Filled Glass Jar With 2 Green Tea Cups

Anniversary is that time of the year when the pair comes together to celebrate their union and recall all those beautiful times that they had with each other. So, what would be a better way of reliving those memories than talking about it over a cup of steaming hot tea? With savor mint eucalyptus natural soy wax filled glass jar with 2 green teacups, you are giving them to take it as an opportunity to take out time from their busy schedule and spend with each other. A table with two teacups and in between a lit soy candle will set the mood you need to start or end your day with utmost content.

savor mint eucalyptus natural soy wax filled glass jar with 2 green tea cups

Magnolia Coffee Mug Set Of 2

If the couple is coffee lovers, then go with a magnolia coffee mug set of 2. It is another charming and sophisticated present that they would love to use every single day. It will also remind them of you. When a nice set of coffee mugs will sit on the kitchen counter, the duo will look for reasons to use them. It will further lead to hearty conversations that were lost somewhere between hectic schedules and busy lifestyles.

coffee mug set of two
magnolia coffee mug set of 2

Frangipani Lazy Susan

If the couple loves to party, then frangipani lazy susan will be a thoughtful gift on their anniversary. This spectacular piece made of mango wood will act as a focal point at any celebration. It can be used to serve drinks, little nibbles, desserts and anything else you like. The floral pattern on the laze Susan is hand-painted by local artisans to add versatility to the wood. It is super easy to clean, and the charm of it will fill the duo’s heart with warmth and love.

lazy susan
frangipani lazy susan

Soiree Side Table

Another great gift that you can give to any celebrating pair, whether you know them well or not, is the soiree side table. Intricately crafted from mango wood, it adds a whole new charm to a space. The tabletop is ideal for various uses. It also doubles as a serving tray, still leaving a steady area to hold other items. The middle part can display 4 stemmed glasses, and the base has a cane mesh. You can keep your magazines, books and more on it on regular days. When you are hosting a party, use it for other purposes.

side table
soiree side table

Two Decker Storage Side Table

Furniture made of wood is extremely beautiful and also makes a desirable present. When you are in doubt and do not know what gift to buy, go with a two-decker storage side table. This chic piece ideally acts as a side table and also gives you ample storage space. Furthermore, the height of this table can also be altered by removing one tier.

storage table
two decker storage side table

When you go with products offered by Ellementry, gift-giving becomes more exciting. There is an extensive listing of kitchenware items, serveware, décor and more that you can browse and choose from. Every item is uniquely crafted to complement your individuality.

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