There is always something so close to your heart that you cannot afford to lose it. The reason is that it has several memories attached to it or it has been passed on to you by your parents, grandparents, or even your great grandparents. They are called the Heirlooms. It could be anything as big as a precious jewel to as simple as a pen. The fact that it has been in your family for so long makes it special. ellementry has introduced a wide array of modern heirlooms in the shape of kitchenware and décor products, using ingredients that sustain time, quality and use. 

An heirloom is precious. It is a great priceless treasure, filled with sentimental value. More than the monetary value, it is the story behind it that matters the most. So, of course, the emotion behind it is its truest worth. Having an heirloom is like preserving your family’s legacy. It is like safeguarding your family’s values. 

manjari masala box

ellementry is introducing you to modern heirlooms from nature. Something that nature is presenting you with love. 

Modern heirlooms by ellementry are one of a kind. They are all sustainable and handcrafted by true artisans. That makes their value far more precious than one can estimate. You must understand each product is made with love for your home, kitchen and nature. Heirlooms bring past generations into the present. Modern heirlooms by ellementry are the same. Their presence will make you feel connected to your roots as each product revives cultural values in you. Passing them to your generations to come will keep the country’s traditions as fresh as they are today. 

Ellementry has gotten its modern heirlooms to take nods from age-old handcrafted technique and added modern design flair or contemporary living. Even the material used speaks of heirloom left from our nature. 

Here are the few ingredients used in creating the modern heirloom of ellementry:


Marble is the perfect definition of sustainable building material. And why would not it be? The shiny white material comes straight from the earth. It is undoubtedly the green material that doesn’t require any other resource to create and is available in plenty of amounts. Hands down, marble also has exceptional durable quality. 

Take a look at some of the beautiful marble pieces from ellementry:

White marble mortar and pestle

White marble mortar and pestle

Give your crushing job an elegant way with this white as snow-white marble mortar and pestle. Break the monotony and bring this product to your kitchen for crushing and blending herbs, spices and roots. The shape of the product is strategically given to avoid any mess while using the product. The mortar is deep enough to store a sufficient amount of material in it. 

White marble chakla belan with stand

white marble chakla belan with stand

Another excellent marble product by ellementry is white marble chakla belan. A modern take on the traditional chakla belan, this one is designed ergonomically to make it an efficient roti shaper. It comes with a base for the rolling pin, where it can rest while not in use.

White marble cake stand with wooden base

white marble cake stand with wooden base

Give your favourite dessert the best base to sit and shine on the dining table. The product uplifts your serving game with its natural coloured base.


Terracotta is a clay-based material that is the safest material for cookware. The eco-friendly material has easy resistance to heat and climate and is known for its longevity and strength. 

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Baking Dish
Sienna terracotta baking dish

Give your baking skills an upgrade with this sienna terracotta baking dish. The product is 100 per cent oven-friendly. The heat gets evenly distributed in terracotta made products giving you a perfect cooked meal. 


Brass has been a part of the Indian household for centuries now. The material is highly loved even today.

Arra brass fry pan with wooden handle

brass pan
arra brass tea pan with wooden handle

Make your healthy meal healthier with this stunning brass fry pan with a wooden handle. It will be a great addition to your brassware collection. 

Minikin accent set of 2

minikin accent set of 2

Decorate your home with tiny stunning décor products like this manikin set. This wooden décor elephant has brass ears that make it more aesthetically appealing.

Choose your modern heirloom and give your family a sustainable legacy by ellementry.

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