Summers are a great month. The bright sky glimmering on the water and shining bright in the sky fills people with bliss and positivity. Many wish to bring that magic inside their home. However, they feel hopeless as they don’t know what exactly must be done. Ellementry is here to help you out.

wooden salad bowl

As you are already halfway through the summer season, it is the perfect time to celebrate this sweet weather in the company of friends and family and the Frangipani collection. Mango wood hand-painted by gifted artisans is a sight to behold. Let’s explore what all is at your disposal from this set.

Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl

Do you love to make and enjoy the salad with fresh seasonal fruits and veggies? If you have been serving the fresh greens in a basic bowl, you are not doing any justice to your culinary skills. The preparation of food plays a vital role but so does the serving.

Your serveware must be such that it impresses and excites the company you are sharing it with. Frangipani wooden salad bowl gives your cooking that extra edge that has been missing all along.

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Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray

People today love to socialize. It has become a part of their lives because it helps them to relax and have a hearty laugh with friends and family. Socialization is also well deserved as people today are too busy with their hectic schedule.

So, the next time when you have company, do bring those drinks and snacks in a frangipani circular wooden tray. The tray holds the glass firmly, avoiding slips and falls. The beauty of wooden material and hand-painted flowers will not go overlooked.

Frangipani Wooden Roti Box

A healthy diet is vital for a healthy body. Culinary skills are refining by the day but it is our storing habits that are spoiling everything. Food must be prepared and stored in containers that enhance the quality of food rather than spoiling it.

This applies to everything, even for the chapattis you make. Bring home a wooden roti box and mango wood that will keep the rotis fresh and safe to consume.

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Frangipani Glass Cloche With Wooden Platter

From exciting sandwiches to lip-smacking cakes, those who love to cook are mixing and whipping to satisfy the taste buds. However, the problem often faced with such items is their storage. It must be within sight but well covered to preserve its freshness.

So what would be better than a frangipani cloche glass with a wooden platter to accomplish this task? The platter will allow you to serve the delicacies in a classy way. It is also a perfect companion for your tea parties.

Frangipani Lazy Susan

So many people simply hate serving things again and again to people sitting at different places around the table. This issue can be solved in style with a simple serveware item and that is lazy susan.

Place the items on it and let people take the serving as and when they like. It turns around smoothly so that everyone can reach out and enjoy all that there is to eat and drink. The versatility of wood and hand-painted flowers will match every mood and decor theme.

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Frangipani Oval Wooden Platter (Large)

A good host takes care of all the needs of the guests. Placing chilled glasses of beverages on the table to offering an assortment of nibbles, everything should be on point. Doing this can be daunting for those who do not have enough platters and trays to serve the snacks. Don’t let such a thing embarrass you in front of your friends or family. Bring home a frangipani oval wooden platter for those mid-summer treats.

Frangipani Wooden Cutlery Stand

When you are making your frangipani collection complete, you cannot do that without purchasing a frangipani wooden cutlery stand. You can use it in the kitchen or place it on the dinner table when having lunch or supper with the entire family. You will be able to keep cutlery and table napkins neatly and easy to access.

Frangipani Wooden Candle Holder

Now, to create the right ambience, you will need to set some mood lighting as well. When you are serving your guests using the frangipani collection, a candle stand holder of the same set will astonish everyone present.

Ellementry is a brand that celebrates the beauty, subtleness and bliss of nature’s elements. Every product has been crafted to suit your distinctive needs and moods.

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