As we are advancing in life, we have started valuing our rich ancient traditions. How amazing were those days when our grandmothers used terracotta utensils for storing water, cooked vegetables, and other items? The minerals in terracotta get mixed in the stored food/liquid while keeping its natural nutrients intact. Moreover, you can come up with a tastier and healthier dish on using terracotta clay utensils for cooking as well. 

Read on to know about the major benefits of using terracotta kitchenware, dinnerware, and serve ware

Terracotta clay utensils neutralize the food’s acid content – Products like terracotta sprouters with wooden lid earthenware are non-toxic. The acidy content of the food is counterbalanced with the use of terracotta clay cookware. Resultantly, the food becomes tastier and easy to digest. Plus, clay is a non-toxic material. Over 35% of its composition is minerals (such as Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron) and water. You can find the best terracotta sprouters on Ellementry’s website and take your ideal pick with our variety of styles.

They are microwave safe products – Generally, people use plastic containers for heating cooked food in the microwave. Know that plastic is harmful in all forms. When heated, it releases highly toxic gases and chemicals which get mixed up with the food. These toxins can prove to be harmful and poisonous for our bodies. Meanwhile, terracotta clay products like terracotta water jugs are organic. They are not only safe but also provide essential nutrients and minerals to the human body. Find your type of terracotta water jug from Ellementry’s website.

Ideal for storing dairy products – You must have noticed that popular Bengali dishes like sweetened curd and mishti doi are generally made in terracotta clay vessels. Don’t they offer the pleasure of unique and fantastic taste to your taste buds? The secret behind such fabulous taste is the rawness and earthiness of terracotta. Similarly, try using Ellementry’s natural terracotta curd setter for setting curd. You’ll have heavenly tasting curd with its use. The most notable fact is that terracotta retains the natural taste of the stored items.

Terracotta products enhance the flavour of food items – The dishes served in terracotta serveware have exceptional taste and unique flavour. Moreover, if you’ll prepare food in terracotta cookware, you’ll find that the same recipe will taste better otherwise, which is prepared/stored in stainless steel, iron, or aluminium cookware/servewareThe porous nature of terracotta vessels allows it to retain heat and moisture within the vessel. 

The dish stored in the vessel will remain flavorful and fresh for long. Even if you cook meat in one of the handmade clay terracotta utensils, it will be juicier, tenderer, and richer in taste. You won’t be able to resist that earthy flavour that adds to the food. The best part is that you’ll need much less amount of oil to cook food in terracotta utensils as its natural moisture cooks the food item properly. 

The classic beauty of these products is matchless – Terracotta clay products come in extensive selections of designs, sizes, and shapes. From drinkware, cookware to serveware and kitchenware, you can easily find terracotta products on Ellementry’s website for different uses. So why store water or food in a ceramic, plastic, or metal utensil when you have a better option for storage?

Buying terracotta utensils will aid the growth of handicraft experts – The beauty of terracotta clay products remains unparalleled. The handicraft experts are to be credited for facilitating us with such beautiful creations. So, if you want to add a touch of beauty in your kitchen space, consider adding terracotta crockery to your kitchenware and dinnerware. Terracotta roti box with a wooden lid and similar utensils are beautiful. They are perfect for adding a touch of ethnicity and class in the dinner setting. Grab it now before it sells out, only on Ellementry’s website!

Terracotta utensils are resistant to heat – Terracotta clay vessels are heat-resistant as they are glazed and fired during the crafting process. They are not only ideal for storing food items, but you can also use them for cooking meals on daily meals. You can prepare items like dal, rice, pulao, or just anything else using terracotta pots. Moreover, products like Ellementry’s terracotta baking dish are oven/microwaves safe. You can easily use them for oven recipes.

It is recommended to use these vessels at low flame, though it can be raised eventually. The utensil may crack with a sudden change in its temperature. Also, not to forget, cooking or storing food in terracotta vessels imparts a unique earthy flavour to the food items. 

Utensils crafted out of terracotta clay have high aesthetic value- With the increasing popularity of terracotta vessels, people are coming up with products featuring a perfect blend of modern and classic styles. The ancient techniques used in crafting these products offer them both strength and aesthetic appeal. You can easily find beautiful selections of terracotta products in the market today.   

Even most of the food photographers use terracotta crockery to achieve perfect, appealing shots. Even glass or stainless steel vessels can’t match their appeal level. The rustic feel and look of these items make them different from the other varieties. Even if you don’t have a taste for such organic things, there is no harm in giving it a try. Just buy one of the utensils and to know about the aesthetic and health benefits of these items.

These vessels are easily available and affordable – Terracotta vessels not only offer health benefits, but they are inexpensive as well. Their price is much lower, comparatively. Individuals can buy them in any size and shape without burning their pockets. Moreover, you can easily order a terracotta bottle with wooden lid or any other variety online on Ellementry’s website without any hassle. 

Final Takeaways

It is because of the countless benefits offered by Terracotta vessels, that they are becoming highly popular among individuals who always look forward to healthy living. The modern touch added to these vessels is one of the main reasons that this crockery variety has made its way to urban households.

If you are looking for high-quality terracotta products online, then you should check out the unique collection of Ellementry. We offer a wide range of vessels at an affordable price. Our vessels are crafted with precision and feature a perfect blend of the modern and ancient craft. 

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