There is a nip in the air, and your winters are here. It is the best season and you are immensely mistaken if you think this season is all about wearing woolen clothes. Winters are much more than that, it is about going on the mountain and drinking a hot cup of tea; it is about relishing ice cream on a foggy night; it is about enjoying a bowl of your favourite 2-minutes noodles on a hill-top. But, most importantly, it is about savouring luscious breakfast in bed. This year, ellementry has a plan to make winters a little bit more special for you with its handmade .

Winter morning breakfasts are special. The first sip of steaming hot beverage awakens all your senses and the aroma of hot dishes make you feel warm from the inside. It works like fuel for a body that reluctantly had to get out of bed. India, apart from its beautiful foggy morning with peeking sunshine, has a lot to offer when it comes to winter food delights.

Here are some scrumptious dishes that you can make and enjoy in the morning:

Sugary delight It is a complete myth that halwa is only made on special and auspicious occasions. You can have it anytime you want, even in the morning. There is so much variety that you can relish at anyone anytime. Gajar ka halwa is heavily loved in winters. Make your morning with this delicious delicacy.

Puri and Sabzi

It is the real treat for every Indian taste bud. Uber delicious, deep-fried crispy bread with spicy curry is heaven when it comes to taste.


Piping hot jalebi with hot milk is a heavenly combo to fight teeth-chattering winter. These entangled sugary delights are so full of flavour that one can never really get enough of them. It is a popular delicacy of North India.

Ginger tea

It would not be wrong to call it an energy drink. It certainly works like that. One sip and you will be refreshed and energised for the entire day. Ginger tea is like a go-to drink in winter. It boosts your immunity, keeps you warm, and for sure makes you crave more and more. It is a magic drink that everyone loves.

So, here were some of the dishes that you can enjoy on a winter morning with your family. Next comes the serveware you are going to put these dishes in. Have a look at some by ellementry:

Arra brass tea pan with wooden handle

brass pan
arra brass tea pan with wooden handle

Tea is a must-have for the breakfast on a winter morning. Brew the best, full of flavour tea using this Arra brass tea pan with a wooden handle. The milk boiled in this tea pan before serving will retain its heat for a longer time. It will be the most perfect and beautiful addition to your exquisite kitchenware collection.

Ceramic breakfast plate polka dot blush

ceramic breakfast plate polka dot blush

The plate is yet another great and artistically beautiful creation by ellementry. It will be a star on the table for every occasion.

Work eat & repeat table

work eat & repeat table

We understand how difficult it is to get out of a cosy and warm bed during winters. ellementry has got a solution for you. Use this breakfast bed table this to present yourself with a wholesome breakfast with a whole lot of comfort in bed. Since many of you are still working from home, keep your laptop on one side and breakfast on the other. This table is a perfect combination of form and functionality.

Aria breakfast set

aria breakfast set

Some likes to have cereals in their breakfast while some like to eat paranthasThe aria breakfast set is designed to serve both the category of people. Use a bowl for cereals and a plate for pieces of bread. It also comes with a coffee mug which you can take away with you anywhere you want. The mug comes with a lid that will prevent the drink from spilling or getting cold faster.

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