Ginger tea is probably one of the best things about the winters. Doesn’t it feel satisfactory when a sip from a steaming hot cup slips down your throat as you snuggle your warm and cosy blanket? It is the best part of winter. Ask a tea lover. He will tell you that there is nothing like a warm cup of tea on cold winter days. The beverage is one of the reasons why some people enjoy winters the most out of all the seasons. Enjoy the season this year a little more with Ellementry and its aesthetically pleasing kitchenware.

coffee mug set

The beverage is an antidote for a dull gloomy day. Here are some most loved flavours and types of teas you can try this winter season.

Darjeeling tea

It is the champion of all tea. Darjeeling tea leaves are known to be light, full of flavours. They are popular for their distinctive taste. The quality is impeccable. It truly is the taste delight for tea lovers.

Kashmiri Kawah

You must have heard of it in many movies and series. The kawah is no less than medicine for those who live on higher altitudes. The exotic tea is a blend of fresh tea leaves and spices including cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and rose petals. The aroma just makes the person want it more and more.

White tea with raspberry

The tea has very refined, subtle and delicious flavours. The tea is perfect to serve the guests during festivals and special occasions. There are so many ways to consume it. You can have it as an iced tea mocktail/cocktail or just steam some for yourself. Many people prefer to call it Christmas in the mouth.

Rooibos vanilla spice

The tea is a treat for those who are always in search of a drink to relax and get all cosy up under the blanket with their favourite book. This tea could be the perfect drink for you. Make yourself a cup and relish the taste of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Rooibos vanilla spice is your go-to drink for a chilly winter day.

Ginger Mint

If you wish to remain healthy all through the season, then this is your drink. The blend of ginger and mint is good health brewed nicely in a cup of tea. This tea is the best beverage for all seasons. It is good to stay fresh and energetic all day long.

Since you have learnt so much about different kinds of tea, how about looking at some teacups to have the tea in style:

Duet mug set of two

coffee mugs
duet mug set of 2

This duet mug set of two is perfect to have morning tea or coffee. The size is just perfect to enclose them in your hands. The set is also a perfect gifting idea for family & friends. What else could be a better gift for a tea/coffee lover? These two cups have a unique design and pattern hand-painted on them. Perfect gift for couples

Aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer

aqua rustic ceramic tea cup saucer
aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer

Serve your favourite beverage on a backdrop of aquatic tones blended with hints of earthiness. Drink it in style as the cup comes with a saucer. It will save your table from a cup mark on the table. The fact that it is made from ceramic makes it more beautiful. Drink ginger tea or green tea, this cup will enhance the taste of every type of tea. The size is just perfect as a tea lover can never drink enough tea. Keep it on your workstation or your study table; each spot will look perfect in its presence.

Savour mint eucalyptus natural soy wax
filled a glass jar with 2 green teacups

savor mint eucalyptus natural soy wax filled glass jar with 2 green tea cups

Light the soy wax candle as you enjoy our favourite tea flavour. Your soul will get refreshed as the strong aroma of tea, and sweet fragrance of soy wax will awaken your senses.

Enjoy the winter season with the best tea served in the best cups by ellementry.

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