No one wants to step out of the bed in winter. Why should one? It is so cold outside and it is cosy and snuggly inside the blanket. You can put your foot down because the floor feels like water. Don’t you just wish that you never have to get up from your bed and things get done there only? That is the best way to enjoy the weather. Doing nothing but doing everything in bed. ellementry knows how strong this feeling can get sometimes. It is the reason why the brand’s kitchenware and décor products are appropriate to get everything done from the bed. 

The season of winter is beautiful. Now that half of the world is working from home, the season feels more enjoyable with the family. The weekend when you have an off especially gives you several reasons to snuggle in bed and never leave it even for a second. One way to make the best of the day off and the season is to enjoy the delicious food in bed while your favourite movie or web series is on. 

Weekends are all about enjoying some pleasant moments with family and loved ones in the company of scrumptious food and beverages. It gets upgraded during winter because food hits during this season. Your soul feels at ease and awakes the moment a spoon full of hot soup slips down your mouth. And when you get to enjoy them in bed, it feels extra special. 

Silver brass square trivet

We have listed down some food and beverages that might help you enjoy your weekend in bed a little extra. 


coffee container
Four square coffee containers with wooden lid

How can anyone miss mentioning coffee while discussing winter food and drinks? Imagine you are working with your laptop, notepad and a pen on the bed. What’s that one thing that is missing from the whole setup? It is the coffee mug. On weekend, switch on your television, put on your favourite pyjamas, slip in your quilt with a hot cup of coffee

Cheese Butter Toast

Eggshell metal bread box with wooden lid

It is the treat on a winter morning. Make it as cheesy as you want and make yourself breakfast in bed. Enjoy it more while reading your favourite book. 


Sue chef multi-utility platter

A bowl of hot soup with croutons feels like magic on a winter evening. Just chop a lot of veggies and put spices. It will be healthy and will keep you warm. The recipe is simple to make and feels light as well. 

Ginger tea

Arra brass tea pan

No other drink can beat the comfort of a cup of ginger tea on a winter morning. Everything about this tea is the best. Tea with spices and herbs is good for sore throat, cold and whatnot. 

Erebus marble mortar & pestle

There are so many other dishes that can make your weekend in bed memorable and full of taste. The experience can be even better if you will use the right serveware. Here are some listed for you :

Work eat & repeat table

Work eat & repeat table

A weekend in bed means enjoying food in bed. Do it the way it should be. Use this beautiful table by ellementry to enjoy the food while snuggling in your blanket. This foldable lap activity table is a perfect combination of form and functionality. It offers a small space solution for eating and work needs. This handcrafted table allows you to eat work and repeat.

Upper crust bowl

Upper crust serving bowl

Indians love daal chawal. Mix them well in a bowl and enjoy in bed. Give your weekend in bed an upgrade with this upper-crust bowl. This hand-glazed bowl is ideal for having dal, curry, curd or even nuts. Your food will taste a little better in this bowl. The beautiful bowl will enhance your experience.

Olive coffee mug set of 2

coffee mug set

The Olive coffee mug set of two from ellementry are beautifully hand-painted by artisans. These high-quality ceramic coffee mugs will be the perfect mugs for you and your better half. Enjoy your beverage in this coffee mug by ellementry.

Jade natural soy wax eco-mix bowl-4 wick

Jade natural soy wax eco-mix bowl – 4 wick

Enjoy your weekend to its fullest. Set up your room. While you have your favourite food and movie on with your loved one beside, make the moment more special with Jade natural soy wax eco-mix bowl-4 wick.

Enjoy your weekend the way it should be. Ellementry here will help you have a great end of the week most perfectly.

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