Are you wondering what to gift your aunty this thanksgiving? Well, if your aunty happens to like baking and often creates delicious and eye-catching sweet nothings, you can gift your aunty a delectable cake stands along with a few wooden cake servers.

Now, in our previous blogs, we have discussed the utility and magic of cake stands. So, today’s blog will be centred totally around the wooden cake servers. Now, most of us, hardly give any credence to the cake servers. These are what? Simply used to serve cakes!

Well, that is just looking at the façade of the cake servers. In reality, the wooden cake servers are classy and are used in various occasions for ages. Today, we are going to discuss these cake servers in brief and look at numerous occasions, which can use these cake servers.

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  • Birthdays Of course!

Birthdays are very special for each human in this planet. We tend to celebrate our birthdays with cakes. These cakes are a sign of happiness and prosperity. The sweet delectable flavours put the mind to a state of euphoria, and people get thrilled when they eat cake.

Now, imagine you are blowing out your birthday candles and you cut the cake. But, are you going to serve uneven cakes to your guests? The uneven presentation was once acceptable, when you were a kid.

However, if you’re and adult and you have called your colleagues and officials for your birthday, it is better you opt for a cleaner serve. This is where, your cake stands can help! You can use your cake stands for getting the cake portion out cleanly. This way, no uneven cases occur, and your cake body is not damaged.

  •  Weddings  

Most weddings and receptions today use cake stands and cake servers. Now, cake stands are an absolute necessity, because weddings often have two or three tier cakes. Now, placing the entire cake on the table can cause a mess. This is why, cake stands are used to hold the cake secure.

However, if cake stands are the body, the cake servers are its part. The cake server helps to cleanly cut out a cake portion from the body of the cake. This prevents the beautiful cake from looking ugly. 

What’s more? When of the portion of the cake is moved evenly, it does not lose its aesthetics very soon. Additionally, you can cut the cake to as many pieces as you like and use the cake stand to support the remaining portion of the cake.

  • Anniversaries

Having cakes on anniversaries never went out of fashion. This is why, it is crucial that you use a cake server and a stand for your anniversary cake to avoid spillage. For example, suppose you are conducting a short and sweet anniversary with your family. If you are, you can use the cake stand to cleanly serve and offer cakes.

Your family can eat the cake, and even cut the portions and take the cake as per their requirement. But, thanks to the cake stand, your anniversary cake won’t spill or look very untidy.

Now, if you are looking for a cake server, ensure to buy one made of wood. These have no safety hazards, are very children friendly, and even come with uniquely crafted designs, which makes these very classy. You can check out this type of cake server, from any reputed online store. 

However, if you are looking for handcrafted ones, we advise you to pick online stores like Ellementry.

  • Office and Graduation Parties

Using cakes in office parties, have become quite a thing of fashion. Someone get promoted, there are successful new deals and more, cakes have become the go to celebratory accessories.

Now, when you are serving cakes in office, it important that you serve these cleanly. Therefore, to avoid the mess, you can use a cake server. Simply, cut the cakes in accordance to the number of heads in the office. Suppose your office has 50 individuals. Then, cut the cakes into 50 different pieces and use a cake server, to take these out cleanly. This way, there will be less mess, and people can enjoy evenly cut pieces of cakes.

Now, when it comes to graduation parties, the scenarios are quite the same. You might have passed with flying colours, so you are throwing a final senior year graduation bash. Here, along with cocktails, music and food, there has to be the celebratory cake.

Now, as you already know, cakes can be messy and too much. Plus, with young people present, there can be loads of mess. Therefore, to prevent the mess it is best that you serve the cakes in a stand with cake servers. 

Here, it is also better to get a cake server, which comes with a serving knife. This knife is not that sharp yet can effectively cut into the cake with ease. Therefore, regardless how big the cake is, you can use this knife and cake server to cleanly cut the cake portion and serve it to the guests.

With the rightly made cuts, the cake won’t topple or look bad. Also, you will be saving a lot of mess, with the help of this item.

On that note, now that you are aware of the numerous occasions you can use the cake stand, you can also use these as props.

Let’s assume you do cake photography, then using the cake stand and cake server is a good choice for props. It will make your cake look delectable and portray it to have a backstory. What’s more? When you present a cake picture with a hint of a backstory, it is more likely to get recognition in social media. 

This way, you can build a nice catalogue for you, that includes your skillsets. 

Apart from this, when you are using a cake server, it is primary that you understand the ways to clean and use this server. For cleaning tips, simply wash with lukewarm water and soap. You can also use a moist cloth to wipe away the remaining residue.

Mostly, avoid using strong detergents and harmful chemical washing agents, which can corrode the body of the cake server. Lastly, pat these dry and store in a cool and dry place.

Well, now that you are aware of the many perks of owing a cake server, along with the tips to use and store one, it is crucial that you buy the right kind of server. For longevity and aesthetics, go for the wooden cake stand from websites, which are trusted. For example, you can check out online stores like Ellementry.

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