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In our life, we see a lot of new phrases and achievements that add to our bag of memories. And undoubtedly, each one of us cherishes these forever. From the birth of a child to all those celebrations coming ahead in one’s life, memories are something that stays with us forever. But how do we leave our impression on someone so that they remember us always? Well, one such way is surprising them with amazing gifts. Gifts bring tonnes of happiness, smile and a lot of memories to be cherished in the future. They give your loved ones the flashbacks that they can always count on! And look who is your partner in all these gifts planning? Ellementry, the one in all stores to kick out all the woes of home and kitchen décor gifting ideas!

There comes a lot of occasions where you can just show off and let people talk about your gifting talent! A layman barely focuses on the peculiarity of a gift attached to a particular occasion. But as a pro, you must not miss out checking it every time you plan to gift someone something. One important occasion of one’s life is the housewarming party of their dream house! Buying a new house brings so much excitement and happiness. Besides, there arises a need for so many new things to be settled in the house. Basic essentials are something that nobody misses out on. So, are you wondering what to plan as the next housewarming gift? It is advised to give something precious in nature which can be brought into use rather than being left in some unfocused corner of the house.

Well, housewarming gifts must be sober and very relatable to house making. Be it any daily use item or something beautiful to adorn the home’s beauty! When you step out to find out a perfect housewarming gift, you may get deeply confused. So, to make your task easy, Ellementry is here with a few amazing housewarming gift ideas. These include the inevitable kitchen décor items as well!

Housewarming Gifts 2024

Kitchen Décor Items-

Under the broad category of housewarming gifts comes the essential kitchen décor items. No wonder, this is a perfect go for a housewarming party because it’s all about homemaking. It’s quite obvious for your friend/relative to have a half set up the kitchen during the time of housewarming. So, why not gift something that can help them settle their kitchen better and beautifully. They will surely love these useful gift kitchen decor gift items- 

    • The marble centre stage cloche condiment (set of 2) from Ellementry is one of the finest gift items. It includes a combination of three essential materials- wood, marble and glass. It increases the level of presentation of sweets and desserts. Condiments can be used to serve chutneys. One can keep these items safe inside this glass. Isn’t it a quirky housewarming gift idea? 
    • This artistry chopping board glass butter dish from Ellementry is a combination of useful and kitchen décor items. The chopping board is very tough and strong. You can use both sides of the board. The glass butter dish, on the other hand, provides safety and hygiene to the butter served on the breakfast table. 
    • Be it any era, there is a huge population falling under the category of tea lovers. So, what can be a better gift than tea amore gift box green with two brass teabag rests and one brass teaspoon? It is available on Ellementry in two more colours- brown and orange. 

So, these are some of the finest kitchen décor items placed on Ellementry. Grab the one that you think will suit the most to your friend. 

Everyday useful items- 

For any sort of party, including the housewarming party, a quick gift plan is those that fall under useful items. You can always count on these products as they never go out of fashion. Gifting someone essential items lets them remember you every time they use it. So, if you are going to attend a housewarming party of someone close, you must include an everyday useful item. So, consider these inevitable housewarming gifts from Ellementry- 

A platter is one of the useful items of a house. The vogue set of 2 platters is one good gifting item. It can be used to serve fried items, chocolates or even desserts. It goes safe inside the microwave and oven. Give it a thought! 

Not always can one spend tea time with family. So, one good solo housewarming gift item is a solo tea set. It is a set of 3. You get a beautiful blue teacup, a small bowl to keep your tea snacks in it, and finally a platter to keep the other two intact. It is easy to maintain and looks too cool on a table.

The vogue coffee mug with bowl and platter is another aesthetic package of soberness for coffee lovers. It comes with a coffee mug which you can also use for tea. Another part is a bowl to keep your coffee snack in. and then comes the platter which keeps the other two intact. The overall design is extremely minimal and sober. Your housewarming friend will definitely like this gift. 

This ember condiment bowl (set of 2) with a wooden base is super cute to be gifted. You will definitely desire to keep it once you hold it in your hands. There are two condiment bowls with a wooden base that hold them intact. The color contrast is way too cute. One can serve dry fruits, or small candies as well. 

These are some useful kitchen items that can be presented as a housewarming gift. Besides, you can also go for certain utensils, oven or microwave, etc. 

Home adornment gifts 

Another sub-category for housewarming gifts, other than kitchen décor, are the home adornment gifts! It’s not just the kitchen that demands beautification, the home as a whole must be adorned well enough. To make your house a happy and joyful place, decorate it with pretty and soothing items. With this intention, plan something that your friend can use to add extra shine in their house. These can be a beautiful set of curtains, decorative wall hanging items, posters, or even a photo frame gallery. Besides, you can also gift a pendulum, various sculptures, or even idols. These items bring a smile on your friend/relative’s face when they unwrap it. 

Handmade presents

Consider yourself, what will touch your heart the most, a pretty readymade gift or an imperfect handmade gift? Well, obviously the latter one. This is because the amount of love and gratitude present in a handmade gift is much more than a readymade gift. So, if you are someone who loves art and craft, you must make it mandatory on your housewarming gift list. Well, you can surf what all you can mould from your hand. For here, you can include these ideas- 

    • Handmade card- A handmade card is an evergreen option. You can easily and in no time prepare a pretty handmade card related to a housewarming. Pen down your good wishes for your friend/relative throwing the party and surprise them with your effort. 
    • House model- If you feel like you can make your way through a house model, you must give it a try. You can use cardboards to prepare a small cute house. Fill the rooms with your love and warm wishes and give it to them. 
    • Wind charm of luck- This is quite easy to prepare. Online videos can help you with this! Use colourful items to prepare a lucky charm for them! 

So, these are a few housewarming gift ideas than you can always count upon. From. Kitchen decor to useful items and all these beautiful handmade options, you can go with any of these. To help you with buying gifts, Ellementry is always here.

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