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Is it daunting to step into that funky-smelling bathroom at home? Hopefully, these scented candles for the bathroom are just the thing that will completely get rid of the stench and lessen the stress. Scented jars can be the perfect element for bathrooms that have needs beyond simply smelling clean.

Why would one use scented jars?

There’s a high number of reasons why one should consider getting scented candles. The obvious reason for considering scented candles would be to remove bad odour and to provide a fresh, natural aroma that doesn't make you nervous about inhaling toxic chemicals. Scented jars just look more attractive in comparison to simple candles. 

Though, that is only the most common purpose for it. And unlike the classic ugly aerosol spray tin that stands out as an eyesore, these candles from Ellementry have a beautiful exterior that makes it the perfect scented candles for the bathroom. Ellementry’s scented candles have created an impact in the lives of many, leaving customers satisfied and saving them money.

Is it essential to keep the bathroom smelling pristine?

An average human spends almost 92 days in the bathroom over their lifetime. It would be silly to assume that it’s insignificant because of people breath in unnecessary, smelly and most of the time, toxic chemicals in the air of the bathroom. Scented candles are a considerable measure to replace the air with a pleasantly mild fragrance.

Using the bathroom can be a pretty nerve-racking experience unless it is in the comfort of one's own home. It is necessary not to subject visitors to the same torment. Scented candles take away trouble that they would have to go through, leaving you with happy visitors and friends.

Bathrooms are one of the most critical places to keep clean and smelling fresh for the health of everyone in the house and even in a public setting. The use of scented candles for the bathroom helps to create a calming ambience that doesn't make one dread using the restroom. Besides providing a pleasant aroma, it also acts as a decor for the bathroom, which is usually the place people neglect to adorn. 

What makes a scented candle of high quality?

A good quality scented candle is crucial to find when buying a cheap one can be poorly made. Are there any caveats to scented jars? Good quality candles have a property called ‘triple scents’ which means that the scented candle has the right blend of scented oils and wax in the build, making it the most promising for getting the job done.  

Ellementry is a great place to look for scented candles and scented jars if you need a place to start. Their candles use soy wax rather than paraffin, which makes it safe to be around. 

Having known how to pick a good quality scented candle, let’s look at a few products that are customer favourites, to get an even better perspective of how much of an impact it would make to a dull and boring bathroom.

Pillar candle 

Having a bold coloured pillar candle with a fruity fragrance adds a pleasant vibe to the surroundings. Having a pleasant odour makes it better.  The candles in this form are generally very sturdy and don't make a mess by spilling over the edge. It provides a traditional vibe when paired with the jharokha lantern from Ellementry. 

Votive candles 

The candles have a container, whereas they melt, they take the shape of the jar. Hibiscus Glow Assorted Wax Candles by Ellementry are some examples of such votive candles that have one of the most exquisite and most delicate scents in the industry. 

The product in all aspects is sustainable. It has a very mellow, soft, yet soothing effect, making the product a total bang for the buck.  The sweet floral smell is long-lasting yet not too overpowering. The handcrafted votive candles make a perfect gift for anyone, and it would suit most people's sensory preferences. 

Candles in containers

The wax is poured into the container and set in such a way that it burns within the box. The scents of these types of candles disperse into the air quickly due to the formulation of the wax. A perfect example of such candles in containers is the tinkle gold wax filled glass jar candles, which have a rich aroma that is serene and calming. The jar comes with a lid to keep the scents from escaping when not in use; it also adds to the aesthetics of the product. It comes in a few different colours was so there are options to choose from, including other types of jar candles. 

Scented jars and bowls

If candles are boring for you, you can check out jars filled with wax or bowls. These jars and bowls come in different fragrances. They look unique and luxurious. You can check out these on Ellementry. They not only uplift your mood but also enhance the styling of your bathroom. 

Tea Light candles

They are small candles that can burn for about 1-2hrs and are mostly unscented; but, scented options are also available. They are perfect for displaying using the white marble tealight holder from Ellementry, which also helps to diffuse the light to give a much softer look. They are also perfect for setting the mood for a relaxing bath.

Tapered candles

These candles give out the classic vibe, and they look intricate with the wax melting down. They are perfect to use for a short period at a stretch, as it can also be risky to leave them burning unsupervised. A cute tray or trinket collector to keep the counters clean from the dripping wax. 

Floating candles 

When the tea light candles are in a clear holder, they provide the illusion of floating. You can also add flowers in the water and it will make for a perfect showpiece for your bathroom. 

Gel candles

These candles are not made using any conventional types of wax that are commonly known but rather a formulation that sets as a gel and give out their scent even when not in use. These are more translucent and are mostly meant as decor rather than as a regular candle.

Homemade candles 

If commercial scents are not satisfactory, there are ways to make candles at home and adding desired fragrances. It is a great way to customize the candles to the aesthetics of the house with the most preferred scents. 

Decor candles 

The candles have a different shape that adds character to the bathroom. It is available in lots of unique styles like pinecone or boombox shaped candle, spiral candles, etc.

Diffuser candles

These candles are mostly used to heat up the essential oils and diffuse it in the air. The essential oil is said to reduce stress and depression. It gives a very pleasant fragrance that can make your bathing experience a unique one.

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