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Home is a place that makes everyone comfortable. When after a tiring day you come home and kick off your shoes, you feel so relaxed and comfortable. But do you know it’s not just the idea of a home that makes one comfortable? It’s your surroundings, the decor that affects your emotions, feelings, mood and ultimately your reaction. Yes, it’s true. Your home decor can actually make you feel happy or sad at times. And here at Ellementry, we can help you to make your home a happy, beautiful and comfortable place with a wide range of our products. But before that, we need to see the ways in which your home decor affects mood. This will help you buy better. 

Here are the 10 ways in which decor affects your mood :

  1. The Power Of Colors: The colours have tremendous power to affect mood. Interior designers consider the psychology of colours while determining the colour of a room. Colours have the power to revitalize, to soothe, to inspire creativity and even to stimulate the appetite.  Each colour has its implications which is a debatable topic still there are some basic tenants on which various researchers, designers agree. Such as 


  • RED: It is a strong colour that symbolizes power and passion. This colour is identified with passionate emotions such as love and anger. Hence, it can be overpowering if used in excess. Usually, it is used in showpieces, cushion covers and feature walls. 



  • YELLOW: Yellow is a positive colour associated with happiness and positivity.  This colour works well in the rooms with natural light when used in combination with neutral colours. This colour gives a peaceful effect when used this way.



  • GREEN: This colour is associated with nature and is known for its soothing qualities. Green home decor affects mood by helping ease off negative feelings and by keeping stress at bay. One can include this colour in any room by adding green wallpaper, original plants or a green showpiece. 


  • PURPLE: Purple is the colour of sophistication, royalty, and luxury. It is a good choice for living rooms as well as bedrooms. It looks amazing with white or pink. It is another passionate colour and should be used in combination with light colours.


  • BROWN: Just like Green, brown also gives a relaxing touch and should be mostly used where the family gathers like a living room. In-home decor, brown furniture is preferred the most, especially the add on furniture like side tables, chairs, etc. A wood peg table from Ellementry can also help you improve the decor affects at your home by adding a relaxing touch in your room. 

  1. Lighting Effects: Nothing works as good as natural light. A well-lit room with natural light plays a crucial role as nobody likes to feel like they are living in a cave. Lack of natural light leads to low mood, sadness, and depression at times. So if there is not enough natural light in the house one should find ways to enhance it by incorporating reflecting mirrors in the house and adding appropriate artificial light using lamps, candle lights, spotlights, etc. Heavy artificial lights can all have ill-effects on your mood. When it comes to artificial lights, it’s not just the light but also the source light which affects the overall look of the room and hence the kind of home decor used affects mood. A colourful lampshade by your bedside or scented candles on the dining table at night will definitely enlighten your mood. Different types of scents have different effects on your mood. So, one has to choose wisely as per the mood requirement. How about a vanilla fragrance candle by your side at the dinner table? You can check out Ellementry's candle jars and holders to uplift your mood while dining. 

  1. Furniture, beauty with comfort: The furniture of the house and accessories associated with it should be chosen carefully. We all have heard, “ all that glitters are not gold”. Similarly, all the good looking furniture is not necessarily comfortable or good for our home decor. For example, a black leather sofa covered with multiple furry white cushions may look beautiful but can create hindrance in your comfort zone. So it is essential to have comfortable and beautiful furniture that goes with your room as it will elevate your mood. Just like beauty with brains is the best combination, beauty with comfort is the best combination in the realm of home decor because as we have seen, decor affects mood. 

  1. Space or No Space: Some people love shopping to the extent that they don’t care about the space they actually possess to fill stuff. But an overfilled home definitely does not go with rules of good home decor. An overfilled room or a  house affect mood by giving the feeling of overburden and chaos or mess. A room should have enough space to walk and should be breathable. It should contain only the things required. Hence, decluttering the house and organizing things from time to time is very important. Smart shopping is key to the problem. For example, buying one or two huge showpieces is better than buying multiple of them. 

  1. Greenery in the house: Being close to nature always brings positivity, and you can add this element of positivity to your home by adding some indoor plants in your rooms, outdoor plants for the entrance of your house and also in the backyard. Plants elevate mood by giving a refreshing feeling. One can use flowering and non-flowering plants. Incorporating plants in home decor affects mood positively and also brings some fresh air in the house. 
  2. Seating Arrangement: Seating arrangement also plays a big role when it comes to how home decor affects mood. The arrangement of furniture in the house tells how much is the interaction between the people of the house. If the seating arrangement is towards the wall, it will discourage people to interact often whereas if it is in a group, it will encourage people to talk. One cannot avoid a person sitting in front but one can easily avoid a person sitting at the back. But, if one wants to read a book in silence, then one comfortable chair in a corner works perfectly

  1. Kitchen and Dinnerware: Have you ever thought about what makes your favourite food at a restaurant, your favourite when you can cook similar food at home? It is the way it’s presented in front of you. It's cutlery, dinnerware, the colour of the walls, all kinds of decor used and definitely the secret ingredient of the recipe (which cannot be denied). But dinnerware plays a very important role. If you don’t agree with me then think about the times when guests come to your home for dinner. Don’t you feel the good vibe from the same food which is cooked at your home on the regular days? So what is different. It’s your overall home decor that affects your mood and makes you happy with a nicely laid table, a beautiful table cover, candle by the side, a colourful dinner set, stylish serving trays and beautiful cutlery enhancing the taste of your regular salad bowl. If you still do not agree, you can check out our attractive cutlery at Ellementry. It will affect your mood in a good way. Also, good kitchenware not only helps a person eat better and enjoy his/her meal but also helps the chef in the house to cook better and happily, and also present better.  

  1. Right shapes, more safety: Shapes matter when you are buying products for home decor. Some people like round, some like edges. But safety comes before liking or else your home decor will affect your mood negatively by increasing your anxiety. This rule is applicable when you have small kids in the house. If you don’t want them to bang in objects with sharp edges, you should always take shapes into consideration while decorating home. Objects with sharp edges may look beautiful but they can be dangerous too. 

  1. Feng shui principles of interior design: Feng Shui is an Asian Chinese art that has been practised for more than 3000 years and this art if practised, believed to bring good luck, health, and happiness in the house. Its principle states the strategies such as including natural elements in every part of the room (like metal, earth, fire, water), keeping home clean, adding decorative accessories, maximizing natural light, etc. So by following the above principles and including home decor products such as a metal vase, scented candles, and other decorative items associated with Feng Shui will help you feel better and positive. You must check out the scented candles available at Ellementry.

  1. Decorate with your passion: We all have our passion and interests in particular things. For example, some people like paintings, some like candles and some like lights. One should have more of the things they like. A candle lover should have more candles in his/her house. This kind of home decor always makes people feel good as they see more of things around them which they like the most. Slowly this becomes part of their identity too. 

In short, these were the 10 ways in which decor affects your mood. We made your journey easy with the wide range of our products at Ellementry in order to inculcate happiness and good vibes in your house. You just need to see our products so that home decor affects your mood positively.

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