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There can be nothing more satisfying than creating something of your own choice all by yourself especially for your kitchen decor. We will share with your some of the most creative, simple and fun-filled kitchen decorating ideas for your kitchen decor. Don't worry if you are not very creative or not good at creating artwork. The following 15 DIY kitchen decorating ideas are very simple and worth trying. So get set and go.

  1. Mason Jars Spoon Stand: Mason jars are quite famous these days. From infused water to pickles, we use it for almost everything to store. They are even used in parties to serve drinks. Similarly, we can easily use them for our kitchen decor with little effort. It is one of the easiest DIY kitchen decor ideas. All you need to do is just get three mason jars of equal shape and size. Paint them from outside with the colour of your choice. Put three different labels on them - spoons, forks, knives. Insert all the three in three different jars and place them in your kitchen.   
  2. Kitchen Quotes: We all have our favourite quotes for different times and places. For example, if you go to a music class you will find quotes related to music. Similarly, people love to have some quotes in their kitchen too. The place where we spend so much time in a day should have some good read. Fora readable and beautiful kitchen decor, just look for a nice quote related to cooking, baking or frying, etc. Add an image of your choice to it like a whisk, cup, rolling pin, etc. Print it on a sheet of paper and put it in a frame like a photograph. Hang it on your kitchen wall and admire its beauty. 
  3. Hanging Plants: Plants decoration never goes wrong. Plants always find their place in every nook and corner of the house. Indoor plants look good anywhere in the house as they are small and do not require much space. Hanging plants in your kitchen is a very interesting DIY idea for kitchen decor. You can do it in many ways. All you need to do is get some indoor plants. Hang them in a basket or a metal bucket or a decorated tin and enjoy the beautiful look. 
  4. Decorative Shelves: We all need shelves in our kitchen over and above the space we have to store our kitchen essentials. So why not have some decorative shelves? Such shelves not only create space to store something but also add grace to kitchen decor. Take three planks of wood of equal size. Attach all the three with each other making a triangle shape. Hang that triangle on the wall and some everyday use bowls and bottles to it. You can make as many triangles as the space you have on the wall. Three horizontal triangles or three vertical triangles look great together.
  5. Turn Bottles into a Vase: Flower decorations in the house require a beautiful vase. Since kitchen space does not allow huge flower vase, we need small ones. So the perfect way is to use the empty beer, wine or milk bottles and create a vase of your choice. Vase can be decorated in multiple ways like using colourful tapes to hide the labels outside the bottle or you can use a thin jute rope to wrap around. You can also try some ceramic artwork around the bottle to make it look as graceful as a centrepiece for your kitchen. 
  6. Cutting Board Wall Art: Don’t throw the unwanted chopping board. Paint them or add some nice pictures to it and hang it on your kitchen wall. With the help of our DIY kitchen decorating ideas, you can also use your chopping board as a notice board by sticking reminders on it or pinning some letters or invites. This way you can create beautiful wall art for your kitchen decor. 
  7. Paint your bowls: Are you bored with your old bowls in your kitchen? Then give them a new vibrant look by adding some prints or strokes of your choice. How about adding some green shades to your old wooden brown coloured bowl?  
  8. Utensil stand: Utensil stand makes work easy in the kitchen. You just need to stretch your arms and grab a frying pan or a chopping board. Take a  curtain rod or any other spare rod available that you can fix in the kitchen. Hang some hooks on it which you can easily get from a hardware shop. Add your utensils to it and its done. 
  9. Label all your jars: Jar labels not only looks good on jam bottles but also on every bottle in the kitchen. There are some sites from where you can print kitchen labels for free. You can create them too with stylish font and just add to all the jars such as sugar, salt, coffee, etc and see how it will change the look of your kitchen. It looks very pretty and elegant.  
  10. Alphabetical Letters: Fetch some big size alphabetical letters from a stationary or a craft shop near you and we will share a creative kitchen decorating idea with you which you will fall in love with. Take a piece of cardboard. Stick these letters by creating words like happy, love, food, eat, cook, bake, etc and hang it on your kitchen wall. So simple and easy way for kitchen decor.    
  11. Tissue or kitchen paper dispenser: Kitchen rolls are something which we use so often in the kitchen. The kitchen paper dispenser can be created with the help of a paper carry bag. Decorate the paper carry bag by adding pictures or quotes to it. Place the kitchen roll horizontally to it and make a hole beneath the paper bag. Pull some paper out from that hole and your paper dispenser is ready. 
  12. Hook stand: We need hooks in the kitchen to hang our carry bags, aprons and small things like that. Multiple hooks can be set together to make a stand. Take some colourful designer hooks. You can also purchase them from our Ellementry website. Take a plank of wood. Paint it with a contrasting colour. For example, if the hook is blue in colour, paint the plank yellow in colour. Stick at least three hooks to the plank and your hook stand is ready to use. Fix it on one of the walls and hang your essentials on it. 
  13. Silverware Artwork: Being a regular kitchenware accessory, it can still do wonders when turns into an artwork. Just paint a few of them with glossy colours and stick them to a framed board. You can paint the frame with the same glossy colour. You won’t believe how gorgeous it will look and work as one of the best artworks for your kitchen decors. 
  14. Menu Board: Blackboards and whiteboards were earlier restricted to offices and schools but now people use them for kitchens too. Decorate its frame with some lace and stick a pen holder to it. Your menu board is ready! Write your daily menu to it and decorate it in your kitchen. 
  15. Coffee cup holder: Coffee lovers who also love their coffee mugs of different styles will surely love this idea of kitchen decor which will keep their coffee mugs organized. All you need to create a coffee mug holder is wood pallets, simple hooks, and your creativity.  You can create it the way you like. It is all about the placements of pallets and hooks. 

These were a few DIY ideas that you can easily implement and make your kitchen walls look beautiful. You can also take the help of some of the Ellementry kitchen wall decor items to make your own design. Visit Ellementry today.

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