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If you dream of a perfect home, then you might dream of the perfect kitchen? Why, well the kitchen is the heart of the home, of course! Have you ever seen a real family not flaunting the perfect kitchen!  

Well, jokes aside, the dream kitchen has the best accessories. One of them is the cheeseboards! These cheeseboards help in carrying out the most essential chores of the kitchen including cutting, kneading, mixing and more. 

This is why all chefs are so fond of these unique useful boards. But, for a designer kitchen, you would want a board that is worthy of it. Therefore, today we are going to countdown 4 of the most functional and stylish cheeseboards worthy of your gorgeous kitchen. 

Are you ready? Then give this blog a read till the end! (We also mention, tips to use the cheeseboards. 

4 Kinds of Best Cheeseboards 

1) Teak Wooden Oval Cheeseboards 

One of the most budget-friendly cheeseboards available in the market is the teak wooden oval cheeseboard. This one is very stylish and made of natural wood. As a result, the durability offered by this one is ideal for cutting, kneading and chopping ingredients. 

Additionally, the oval-shaped cheeseboard design adds a touch of panache to this cheeseboard. As a result, if you like serving art, you can use this one too. For example, let’s say you are serving some dragon fruit to your kid. 

Now, to impress your kid and make him eat the dragon fruit, you can cut it nice and even and serve it in the cheeseboard. This will make the presentation look good and your child will be more likely to eat it. 

2) Mango Leaf Natural Cheeseboard 

The next best kind of cheeseboard you can get for your family is a mango leaf natural cheeseboard. This one is quite minimalistic and elegant to look at. What’s more? It is quaint and has a small design feature, which gives it a subtle touch of style. 

What's more? This cheeseboard is available under Rs 800 in the market. Additional brownie points for this one includes its washable features and longevity. 

3) Butcher Board  

This is the third and most popular board used in many households. The butcher board is priced a little higher, but it is one of the strongest natural wooden cheeseboards. Now, this one is ideally used for heavy-duty cutting that involves pressure and strong knives. 

If you have to cut steaks, knead a lot of dough, chop vegetables real smoothly, then this board is the one for you. What's more? Due to its thickness, this board can last a long time. So, this one is the board to buy, if you want your grandchildren to use this! On that note, the dimension of this board is around 35.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 3.75 cm and you can buy it for less than Rs. 4000, from any reputed online store. 

However, if you are checking out online stores for this product, you can visit websites like Ellementry for this one.  

4) Teak Cheeseboard Round  

The round Teak cheeseboard is undoubtedly for ones who have a multipurpose use in mind. For example, if you are opting for some light chopping then this one is a sure winner. You can use this to chop vegetables for a stew and more. 

You can also use this cheese board to chop up some fruits. This board will prevent your fruits from spilling and creating a mess. Therefore, if you are cutting some fruits in your kitchen countertop, this cheese board will ensure to keep the area clean and scratch-free. 

Additionally, you can also use this one for serving meals on platters. Certain starter dishes or main courses look good when served on a platter, and this cheeseboard can double up as just that.  

On that note, this round Teak cheeseboard features a stylish body showcasing rich natural wood textures. What's more? It is made of pure quality wood, and hence, this handcrafted item is very strong. 

Moving on, now that we have covered the 4 kinds of cheese boards, it's time to address how to use one! 

Cheeseboard: Using Tips 

You might have seen tons of people using and showcasing cheeseboards, but ever wondered how these are used? 

We will tell you!  

  • Start with the Board  

As mentioned above, the cheeseboard is an important part of the kitchen nucleus. It helps in prepping up the ingredients for creating a delectable meal. Therefore, if you do not have a cheeseboard, it is essential you buy one from a trusted website. 

Now, you can get various kinds of cheeseboards available in the market. There are square, rectangle, oval and smooth. Depending on your choice, the ones you need. You can also buy ones mentioned above if they suit your tastes. 

Just ensure you are picking your cheeseboard form a reliable source. You can check out websites in your locality. For example, Ellementry. 

  • Pick Your Cheese and Meat 

You can pick a wide assortment of cheese for your cheeseboard. For best results pick cheese from a different family of cheese for adding texture and flavour. Once done, ensure to invest in some quintessential meat. 

You can pick cured items like Prosciutto, chorizo, salami, mortadella and sopressata.  

  • Mix in Some Sweet and Savoury 

Lastly, to complete your platter, ensure to find some quintessential sweets and savoury items to add to your platter. You can add items like fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, whipped cream, sweet condiments.  

For the savoury part, add some varieties of nuts, condiments, mayo, cashews, almonds, walnuts and more. For example, you can easily make a pine nut, fruit and meat platter. For this, you will need an assortment of freshly cut fruit. We recommend you use fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, apples, pineapples etc. 

 For the savoury part, add your variations of cheese, and meat along with some walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts for perfect flavouring. Once you have placed everything correctly in order, serve this platter to your kitty party guests and charm them with the delicious presentation. 

  • Cleaning the Cheeseboard  

Once the party is done, you need to immediately clean the cheeseboard to prevent chances of staining and smell. To do this, it is best that you use a mild detergent with water. The mild detergent is safest for a wooden cheeseboard as these do not have abrasives, which can damage the cheeseboard. 

Well, there you have it! This small guide on cheeseboards will easily help you understand the procedure to use one. So, now that you are aware of the different types of cheese boards to, why don’t you buy one for yourself? Either get it from a trusted online store like Ellementry or you can find good suggestions online. Happy Chopping!

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