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When it comes to adding drinkware to our homes, we are often limited to a few options. Glass and steel are two usual selections that people have. The point here to ponder upon is – do these materials benefit your health and well-being? Maybe! But we can’t say for sure. 

If you are thinking about what other choice you have, then we have the perfect solution for you - Terracotta. The answer is not new and has been around us for a very long time. However, we have forgotten its value due to fancier things that surround us. 

Ellementry is one such brand that is reviving our long lost traditions with its sustainable and eco-friendly products. The best part is that there is no compromise on style. 

Terracotta Drinkware on your Table

Most people don’t opt for terracotta products thinking that they will look plain and dull. However, there are so many new options that are more stylish than ever but with the same goodness of clay.

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As the summer heat is intensifying with the passing days, it is vital to start using terracotta drinkware products and enjoy the listed below benefits in the wake. 

Naturally Cool Water

During hot summer days, it is natural for liquids to get warm. While you are working, you might not have time to keep the water in the fridge and retrieve it every time you feel thirsty. A conventional bottle without refrigeration will get warm after some time. 

However, when you will make use of a terracotta water bottle, you can be sure that the water will stay cool naturally. The porous nature of clay allows evaporation to happen, even when the bottle is tightly closed. 

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There are small holes at the microscopic level that ensures the water becomes cool naturally. This way, there will be no need to keep the bottle inside the refrigerator all the time.  

Greatly Improves Metabolism

Conventional drinkware usually harms the body in some ways. The effects are not too obvious, but our health does get compromised in some way. When there will be a terracotta carafe on your table rather than any other drinkware, you will consume much cleaner water. 

Your testosterone levels will start balancing, improving the body’s metabolism. The clay works fast, and you will start noticing the benefits sooner. Also, the beautiful carafe will suit your style. 

Environmental Friendly

As we are dealing with global warming and other major environmental changes, many individuals have started realizing the importance of going environmentally friendly. If you also wish to contribute to the cause, the first step could be switching to terracotta bottles or carafe. 

It is economical, and when you discard drinkware made from terracotta, it does not pose any threat to the environment. By seeing your environment-conscious approach, people around you will also be encouraged to follow suit. 

Ensure Proper pH Balance

Clay is alkaline, and you can use it to your advantage. If you suffer from gastronomic pains and issues, then drinking beverages from terracotta drinkware will benefit you. The alkaline property of clay will help maintain a healthy pH balance of water. It will help in curbing acidity, providing you relief from gastronomic issues in the long run. 

Prevent Sun Strokes

Heat strokes are frequent during hot summer days. Even if you are indoors for an extended period, stepping out in blazing heat can cause you to faint. Having your drinks from a terracotta carafe will help you avoid this issue. Clay is rich in minerals and vitamins that get transferred to the water. 

Drinking such water will help in maintaining the body glucose levels. It also provides a gentle cooling effect to the body. It is best for growing children who love to play outside, even during hot summer days. You can switch their regular bottles to a terracotta one and ensure they don’t get sun stroked. 

If you wish to enjoy all the benefits offered by terracotta drinkware products without compromising on style and looks, then you must shop with The makers offer people the best and most beautiful products made from sustainable material. Their eco-friendly approach and fusion of form and function will impress you. Every product listed on the site is worth adding to your home and life. 

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