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Lazy Susan has become quite the thing of fashion for the elite section of society today. These are mostly mini rounded rotating wooden countertops, which are placed in the serving tables during a wine and dine parties.

Now, you might have seen these many times in restaurants and big events and did not give much heed to these. However, now that you have become the lady of a prestigious house who is also a CEO, chances are you have to host innumerable home parties with clients, guests, and family.

However, being a hostess is no easy job. Suppose you have a party coming up and you must fit in loads of guests in a singular big table. Now, you have no problem cooking the dishes with the assistance of house help; but what about serving?

Well, your lazy Susan can help you with that. It can easily rotate and showcase your dishes to the guests, and they can serve it via themselves.

On that note, today we are going to state down 5 reasons that showcase why the Lazy Susan is ideal for home parties.

Let’s Begin:


  • Great for Serving Birthday Cakes at Parties


If you are hosting a birthday or anniversary party, then this would mean there is a cake in store for your celebration. Besides, cakes are a sign of happiness, and joy and hence, it is of no doubt that you have included, cutting cake for your special event.

Now, most of these cakes come in a stand. However, imagine a big dinner table, with guests sitting at each end, then if you had to serve the cake, it would be difficult to do so in a cake stand. This is where your Lazy Susan can prove to be not so lazy. 

Since the Lazy Susan is rotatable, you can place your cake atop it and guests can rotate is as they feel like for cutting in their slice. Just ensure to keep a cake server at hand to avoid any unfortunate mess. 

What's more? The Lazy Susan allows the cake to rotate, and hence, your guests can marvel at the cake aesthetics with ease. On that note, if you are wanting to make life easier for you and your guests, you can use the Lazy Susan for your parties. To buy this lazysusan check out any reputed online websites. You can also check out websites like Ellementry.


  • You Can Play with Food Aesthetics


One of the most important things you can do with your lazy Susan is play with food aesthetics. In this modern era of social media, there is a growing trend to blog pictures of food. This includes a well-set dining table, an artful dish. The colour themes are vibrant, the picture is beautiful and the entire set up looks very appealing. 

As a result, on social media, a well set table automatically get a lot of likes and acknowledgement. Now, if you are decorating your table, we suggest that you play with food aestheitcs a bit via a Lazy Susan. 

You can serve a plethora of dishes in the lazy Susan, from starters, to dumplings to sweets and savouries, all are welcome in the Lazy Susan. Just ensure to decorate the lazy Susan in an artistic manner. You can take the help of online blogs or check out suggestions at Tumblr and Pinterest for more options.

On that note, just ensure to invest in a reputed home décor website for your Lazy Susan. We recommend that you try sites likeEllementry.


  • Converse While You Eat


Long gone are the stringiest British who do not like talking while eating. Today, when you are socializing with family and friends, conversing at dinner tables is like a compulsory affair. This is why, it is best if you have an accessory, which is easy to rotate and can hold loads of dishes and condiments for your guests.

This is where the Lazy Susan can help you out. This one flaunts a stylish base, held together with four supportive panels. The Lazy Susan can rotate, and your guests can easily move this around for taking their food while enjoying a blissful dinner table conversation. 

What's more? If you are serving dishes like a Japanese cuisine that includes sushi, salami, condiments and sauces. You can place this on the lazy Susan for enhanced aesthetics. Your guests too can enjoy the sight while turning the accessory while picking their dish for the day.


  • Good Table Art for Social Media


Suppose you buy a Lazy Susan, then you can use it for a plethora of purposes. You can use this for a social media food blogging post. For example, let’s say you are using a lazy Susan, and you want to capture, authentic Korean cosines.

Therefore, you can serve a ramen bowl, with black bean noodles and Korean fiery chicken along with condiments and serve it in the lazy Susan. The entire mix of colours, against a stylish backdrop will immediately be a big hit among your social media followers and give your post the right exposure. 

Thus, using the Lazy Susan as a prop is an excellent idea, if you own a food blogging page.


  • It Looks Very Cool


Last but not the least, your lazy Susan will make you look very cool when you’re the host of the party. Imagine having a long table like those in the olden times. Now, decorating a table properly can be a tough job.

But here is a good trick you can use. Simply, invest in a few good platters, a cake stands, and a lazy Susan. In the platter, you can serve an assortment of dishes, and in a few serving bowls you can serve nice or noodle recipes.

For the dessert, you can stock up your cake stand with some sweet and savoury tarts. For the last final touch, invest in a good quality Lazy Susan. You can use this Lazy Susan to serve continental cuisines like Japanese or other Asian cuisines.

You can also serve a cake in the rotating Lazy Susan as this will make the cake look very glamorous.

On that note, now that you are aware of the many perks of smoking lazy Susan, why don’t you find the most popular one online. For example, many home décor websites prefer picking the mango wood lazy Susan. This one has ribbed patterns and is completely handcrafted with natural wood.

What's more? This one lasts for decades, and is also easily washable; also, let’s not ignore how utterly stylish the lazy Susan is. On that note, why don’t you get this for yourself? You can find it at reputed home décor sites like Ellementry.

Now, glam up your lunch table like never before!

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