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If you belong to a large family, chances are, your dinner table scenes are grand. Now, many times, you might have noticed your cook serve delectable meals in platters, but have you ever wondered why? 

What's so special about these platters and why are people so obsessed with these? Well, the reasons are aplenty! You see, these platters aren’t just for serving fancy meals, these make the food look appetizing. Not to mention, you can customize and play around with a platter in multiple ways. 

On that note, today, we are going to discuss the beauty of platters and explain why dinner tables simply love a good platter. 

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5 Reasons Why Dinner Tables Love a Good Platter  


  • Exceptional Food Aesthetics 


In the era of Instagram, Tumbler and Facebook, people are obsessed with clicking food pictures. There are so many restaurants that simply get famous owing to their exceptional food presentation. But, today, many home dinner tables consider making food art an everyday affair. This is where the platter comes in. 

The wooden platter is gorgeous, unique and can effectively help make even boring food look appealing. This is why websites such as Ellementry sell numerous hand-crafted platters ideal for dinner tables. 

On these platters, you can serve starters, appetizers, and even desserts during dinner. What's more? If you check a few food blogs online and sharpen up your presentation skills, you can experiment with your platters and make food look exceptionally good. 


  • Children and Guest Friendly 


Children, especially ones under the age of 10 are very picky eaters. Thus, many times, mommies feel the pressure as no matter how much they coax, their child refuses to eat their greens. But, do you know, mothers who use a platter are more successful in feeding their child the veggies? 

This is because the platter can completely alter how a dish looks. For example, you want to serve your child some stir-fried broccoli. But, if you do it on a regular plate, it’ll just look like your basic greens, which will make your child very sceptical and suspicious of it. As a result, you will face hours of nagging and whining. 

However, if you research online, buy a gorgeous wooden platter, and artfully arrange the same dish in it, your child will be impressed. Thus, when the food looks good, your child will be less likely to complain. 

This additionally, works in favour of your guests too! Suppose you are throwing a dinner party and you do not want to waste time cooking a lot of food. However, you do not want to look like a miser either, so what can you do? Simple, feed your guests a lot of starters served in a gorgeous wooden platter. 

This will firstly, fill up your guests; secondly, food artfully arranged on a platter will help you build a good impression. So, depending on the type of gathering you are conducting, you can cook serve kinds of platters. You can serve skewers, meat satays, kebabs, and even crispy chicken. 

Additionally, if you are not in the mood to cook, you can serve fruits and crème cheese platters, meat and cheese platters and lots more. Simply check online, for delectable recipes and learn the art of arrangement and you can serve visually appealing meals to your guests.  


  • Easy Customization 


Let's not ignore the amount of customization a platter offers. These are simple wooden or metal frames of various shapes and sizes, which can make a meal look spectacular. You can find many attractive platters online. For instance, stores like Ellementry feature unique flat and circular shaped platters, which are handcrafted. Anyway, getting back to this topic, platters can be customizable. Here, are a few examples: 

  • Vegetarian Mezze Platter  

The vegetarian mezze platter is ideal for family night dinners. This one packs a whole lot of greens, rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. What's more? It is so colourful that even the whiniest of picky eater will want to take a bite out of it. This one normally features hummus, with sliced veggies and toasted pita wedges and whole wheat crackers. 

  • Classic Cheese and Meat Platter 

The classic cheese and meat platter is a universal favourite for omnivores around the globe. This one features several types of cheese, with dips, sausages, and sashimi rolls. Very delectable, this one packs loads of protein and healthy fats. For gym enthusiasts and fitness experts, this platter is an excellent option. You can add lean meat, bacon, chicken and salmon for the meat section and pick an assortment of cheese for the sides. 

Not to mention, if you have a wooden platter you’ve recently purchased, the classic cheese meat platter will look exceptionally good on it.  

  • Fresh Fruit Platter  

If you want to feed your child or your guests some tropical fruits, opting for this fresh fruit platter is the best deal. This platter is incessantly organic, full of vital nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, this platter looks very colourful and delectable. Now, to make this platter, you’ll need just a few ingredients too!  

Simply buy an assortment of fruits, mostly berries. Berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and peaches are good for the body and ideal for platter salads. Additional, buy nuts, apricots, bananas, apples and pineapples and add a dash of honey inside it to create your platter-friendly fruit salad.  


  • Affordable Prices 


Another reasons dinner tables simply love platters are these stylish dish wares are quite affordable. What's more? There are plenty of styles available for the type of dish you want to serve.  

For example, if you want to serve desserts, go for a circular enamel platter. You can get this variation from websites like Ellementry. For something more filling, you can buy long platters like a fusion platter or a metal silver platter. 

Now, in general, these platters are priced around Rs 2,500-3,500, so these are not very costly either. 


  • Dishware Friendly  


Last but not the least, another reason to love platters is that these are dishwasher friendly. This means, no matter what kind of food you serve in these platters, you can easily wash these platters with basic soap and water.  

Thus, feel free to use these platters at any time of the day. Whether it is lunch or dinner, having a good platter, means you are serving delicious food with exceptional presentation. 

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in these wonderful platters today! For more information, simply contact any reputed home décor shop and buy yourself a gorgeous platter. You can also check out the platters from Ellemetry as this online store has a wide array of platter collection at affordable rates. 

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