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Every one of you is aware of and knows the satisfaction of working in a clean and well-organised kitchen. A person might say he is a nature lover but tends to ignore small things or activities around that eventually affect nature in a big way. E.g. our healthy living is limited to organic food consumption.


But what we tend to overlook is the wastage of paper towels, water, unnecessary packaging, and disposition of harsh chemicals from our kitchen. They are seemingly small factors that later on add up to make your kitchen the least sustainable place of your home. Ellementry pledges to make every household an environmentally sound place with its unique and 100% eco-friendly kitchenware and other items.


With constant awareness about the climate and environmental condition, it’s time to get up and make some efforts towards nature’s betterment. Let the change start from your place. Begin from the place where your heart lies: The Kitchen.


Terracotta Baking Dish


You have to make some conscious efforts to turn it into a sustainably sound place. It could be assumed as a daunting task though. Quite often, environment-friendly products are considered to be expensive and impractical.


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To break this perception and pre-assumed belief, here are some ecological practices, adoption of which will give your cookhouse a nature-friendly approach. Keep in mind that going green is not as harm you think. Few minor changes in the habits and things around and, you will get a place just right for your lifestyle and environment.  



    • Ditch everything made from non-decomposable material. These truly wreck the soil quality and water bodies. Use small bags made from jute or cotton. They look good and are durable too.


    • Recycle and reuse the kitchen waste. Make compost and utilise it to grow vegetable and plants in your garden.


    • Use recycled jars. Buy dry products. Take with you your bag to carry food products to avoid unnecessary packing. It will save you a lot of money as well.


    • Lighting might look like the least considered job but, the energy-efficient lights can bring your bill graph incredibly down. Install LED bulbs at your place and save money. 


    • Add a low-flow aerator to your kitchen sink to reduce the amount of water used. It does not compromise with the pressure.


Now let’s come to your serve ware items, utensils and shelves. They should also fall in the good-for-nature category.


Kitchen Serveware


In teak wooden salad bowl

The perfect shape size of these handcrafted bowls is suitable for eating wholesome green salads and fruits. The salad bowl would go wonderfully well on your table. You can even serve your guests in it. 


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Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid 

Your storage will get a new style with this sienna terracotta jar. They are ideal for storing nuts, cookies, pulses or whatever you want. Terracotta is known to have some exceptional properties. Its wooden lid keeps the product safe and fresh all the time. 


Country home mango wood bowl

Amaze your guest by serving those delicious snacks in this handcrafted mango wood bowl. They will revive cultural value and will also add a touch of modernity with its design and shape. You even put popcorns in them on a movie night. They are good for daily use as well as for the party.



Fleur d'Or wooden cutlery stand

Crafted from natural wood, this wooden cutlery stand is quite an attention catcher on your kitchen countertop. You can store spatulas and cutlery of all kinds. You can even put it on your dining table as it will only raise your hospitality bar with its exquisite design. 


Amber love ceramic side plate


Eat in style and ecological way with these eye-pleasing ceramic plates by Ellementry. Their beautiful colour will make the food look more delicious. 


You cannot change the whole world but, you can change your little abode in this world. Your home is your very own space where you can take environmentalism into your hands. Take your time and turn it into a greener place. You do not have to install products from expensive kitchenware brands in India.


Invest in products that are of reasonable cost and go with your style. If not the whole place, replace your unhealthy and not-so-good-for-nature utensils with healthy ones. It is your setting. Make every corner, every item in it speak of you. 


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