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Some people, especially the ladies in the house, spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. It is where all the delicious recipes are prepared. The place is what one can call a high traffic zone of the home. 

It is always filled with aroma, laughter, giggles, and unending indulgence of tasty treats. Now, in a place where so much is happening, chaos and clutter don’t come as a shock. A disorganised kitchen is no less than a nightmare for someone who has to cook daily. It is because you cannot find anything when you need it. A well-organised kitchen calls for constant cleanliness and organisational skill. 

Do not worry. Ellementry will help you in keeping your kitchen organised and tidy all the time. Here are the five tips for organising your cookhouse with minimum effort. 

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Let go of unnecessary items

Sometimes storage cans in the kitchen are filled with products that one doesn’t use at all. It is best to throw them away. Get rid of everything that is consuming space unnecessarily. 

Take special care of product expiry date. There is no point in storing them once they are expired. If you have storage containers whose lid is missing, you might have to let them go too. 

Store-based on use

After getting rid of unimportant stuff, the next step is to sort the remaining ones. You must have a lot of space and keep the ingredients based on how often you use them. E.g: spices are used almost daily in Indian cuisine. It is best to keep the most used ones together in a wooden masala box. 

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Use containers and dividers

Have you seen anyone storing pasta or spices in a drawer? None, right! Because you know that’s not the right spot for it. Use ideal sized containers. Storage in the kitchen isn’t about only ingredients. 

It is about utensils as well. Handling cutlery gets really hectic sometimes as everything gets mixed up. The only way to solve this mess is to use dividers to keep them separated. 


This step is a life and time saver. You save plenty of time when you have each storage bin labelled. Consider this point as the most important, to keep your kitchen organised all the time. 

Have a look at these beautiful containers by Ellementry, which will not only store your edible products but will serve your decor purpose as well. 

Eggshell metal onion storage bin

Are you one of those who are still keeping their veggies in one basket? The practice is outdated. Own this eggshell metal onion storage bin, and save your onions from getting spoiled in the open. It’s the 21st century. Using unhygienic baskets doesn’t compliment your lifestyle. Upgrade your storage game and have your onions stored in this beautiful storage bin. 

Metal Onion Storage Bin


Eggshell metal garlic storage bin with wooden lid

Are you also having trouble storing tiny veggies such as garlic? The major problem with garlic is that its cloves tend to spread here and there once they get detached. Put them all together in this classic container. It has a garlic image carved on it. It will add it like a charm. The can stays airy with tactfully placed holes near the end. It will go perfectly well in your cabinets or kitchen shelf.

Garlic Storage Bin


Eggshell metal potato storage bin

Imagine how lovely your garden potatoes will look in this standard storage can. No more stress of potatoes rolling here and there while picking. Just take the needed number and close the can with the wooden lid. When everything in your life is of the latest trend, then why not your kitchen storage barrels? 

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Your kitchen will light up with elegance and minimalism with this storage canister by Ellementry. Gone are the days when you had to keep your veggies in the packets and baskets. Bring this beige colour storage can home and change your entire storage game. 

Rice storage barrel with wooden lid

Keeping items in their packaging for a long can hamper their quality. Keep your rice fresh and away from moisture in this rice storage barrel by Ellementry. It is everything you need to keep your kitchen organised. 

Rice Storage Jar

Follow these storage tips along with storage bin offered by Ellementry to keep your cooking space clean and tidy. 

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