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Every dish of Indian cuisine tastes like nothing without herbs and spices. Our taste buds are habitual to and a big fan of spicy food. Every kitchen flaunts spices of unique taste and colours. 

They are known to be a vital part of healthy cooking as some possess medicinal properties as well. Their taste and oil lend aroma to our food. It is no wonder that countries all over the world import spices from India. 

There are wide varieties of spices available in the market. Each holds a unique characteristic. Ellementry has a handcrafted and sustainable condiment set that will store all your spices effortlessly. 

Tips while buying condiment jars

With innumerable choices available, your confusion while buying the right set is valid. Knowing which will suit the best for your condiments could be tricky in such a situation. There are some tips that you can consider while deciding which one on your next shopping trip. 

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Tip No 1: Size

Point number 1 to consider is how much of the sauce and seasoning you have at your disposal. Different containers contain varied quantities of edible items. Decide how much you want to keep out on your countertop, and how much you want to store in your pantry? 

Tip No 2: Material

This is the crucial part. When you chose a container, its material reacts with the item inside when it comes to a certain temperature. Make sure that nothing of such sort happens. Go for wood, glass or ceramic which are 100% healthy for nature and your body. 

Tip No 3: Versatility

Make sure the piece you decide to take home must serve multi-purpose. That’s called smart investment. If your jar is efficient enough to store a condiment and can be used for a different purpose altogether in the future, what better could you ask for? 

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Tip No 4: Easy to clean

Sometimes the jar’s opening is too narrow for the hand to reach the end for cleaning. Make sure the jar you pick is easy to clean. 

Tip No 5: Air-tight

It is a must-have point in any jar. To keep your secret of finger-licking dish fresh for a longer time, buy an airtight container. It will keep it away from air and moisture. 

Now, to give your mind a little break from all the searching, here are some beautifully designed condiments sets that will not only serve their purpose but will also act as a decor item. 

White marble condiment set with brass lid

Keep it on your kitchen’s workstation or in the centre of the dining table, it will light up the surrounding with its elegant beauty. This perfect combination of brass and marble will give your herbs a delightful dwelling. You can also store fennel and rock sugar, popular after-dinner mouth fresheners, in them. 

Amber love ceramic condiment set with wooden spoons

Perfect to store pickle, dry fruits or mouth fresheners, these condiments jars are too cute for any table decor. The set will sit well on your food table. You can even put sauce and syrups in them. The spoon will help in their servings. 

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Picante ceramic condiment set

This perfect trip of small bowls of red will upscale your overall table setting. Suitable for keeping candies, toppings and sauces, the bowls can be used for other purposes also. You can pair them with other pieces from the collection to own the entire look 

Carbon ceramic and wood condiment set

The hand-marbled texture on ceramic will give your condiments a classy backdrop. It comes with a teak wood tray and a wooden serving spoon to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. 

All the above sets are completely environment friendly and safe for all kinds of edible item. Ellementry has more to offer. Check them out on 

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