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When someone says kitchen, what image does form in your mind? A rectangular room with a sink, few cabinets, hanging shelves, and innumerable utensils, isn’t it! You are not wrong at all.

It is true. Every kitchen, no matter big or small, is always stacked with kitchenware, vegetables, containers, cabinets, linen, cereals, lentils and what not. It is this very fact that makes it crucial for the kitchen to stay organized and well maintained.

A lot goes into setting up the cookhouse. It is not easy enough if you are going without any tool. Get your hands on some handy and beautiful kitchen organising tools like a shelf or baskets to keep the kitchen always ready.

 Kitchen Organizer Shelves

You don’t have to assign a shelf to everything. Here are some steps that you can follow while reorganising your kitchen’s shelf:

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Now that you have decided to keep everything in the kitchen in its right place, begin with categorising them into zones. It will make the entire process easier and simpler. You can divide the entire place into 4 zones.  

    • The cooking zone is around the stove and workstation. This is where all your knives, wooden chopping board, and pans will go. 
    • The storage zone is near the sink where you will keep all the plates, glasses, bowls, cups and mugs. 
    • Next is the pantry zone. It is where you will store and keep all types of edible items, including canned food, cereals, lentils, rice, flour and everything else. 
    • Lastly, the dining zone. The name is enough to suggest what goes in here. 


Consider your countertop as the most important area of the kitchen. It is the place which is best to keep the electrical appliances. You can keep them on the open shelf above the countertop. Cookie jars would also look good here. You must put all those items here which you use daily to have quick and easy access. Make it clutter-free to make it easier for you to wipe it every day. 


The kitchen gets super messy when you are in haste, and cannot find the desired ingredient. It is best to label each container with the name of the item on it. The process saves time and keeps you relaxed while cooking. 


There are many organisers available in the market which you can put or hang anywhere. They provide you with a great option to keep safe tiny items used in the kitchen. 


Gone are the days when you have to do everything traditionally. Hanging stuff is the best option to keep the kitchen clutter-free. Not everything has to get inside the drawer. Get yourself a shelf with hooks so that you can hang things like aprons and hand towels. 

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Below are some products that will help! 

Whitewood shelf- large

Some items in the kitchen are so beautiful that hiding them in the cabinet would be insulting their beauty. Keep those decor worthy products on this white wooden shelf. It will be a perfect base for jars. You can also put your cookery magazines and a planter on them. The colour white is perfect to complement every kind of interior. 

Brown wood shelf- small

You might be one of those who believe in everything minimalistic. This brown wooden shelf will upgrade your liking. Not only it will bring the element of modern aesthetic to the house, but it will also keep the traditional vibe alive in the kitchen. What more do you need? Your kitchen will look aesthetically pleasing, and your storage problem will get solved with no extra effort. 

Brownwood rack and shelf –large

The time has come that you switch your closed heavy cabinet with this modern, updated Brownwood rack and shelf by Ellementry. Who said that kitchen cabinets and shelves have to remain shut all the time? Prove them wrong and hang this large shelf on the wall. 

The best thing is you can bring them down and change their position anytime you want. They are flexible and easy enough to handle. Keep your containers, teapots, or a vase on it. 

Life is too short for boring shelves. Install the above describes shelves by Ellementry, and your organising skill will upscale in no time. 

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