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If you have recently invested in a home bar, chances are you are looking online to buy the correct set of bar tools. Now, you already might have purchased bar spoons, a peg measurer, a beaker, the juicer, a mini-fridge along with the necessary glassware.  

However, have you invested in the apogee of all bar tools, the cocktail shaker? That's right, the cocktail shaker might seem like a flimsy item that most bartenders play around with, but it is the key to adding that edge to your bar drinks. 

Now, you might think mixing drinks and shaking them is too much work. Nah! You might even prefer to simply pour a drink in your glass and stir it with your fancy spoon. But that won’t give your drink that weightage it needs! 

Therefore, this blog will discuss all about the beauty of the cocktail shaker and state the reasons why it is best to own one! 

So, Let’s Start! 

  • Enhanced Mix of Flavours  

The main purpose of mixing cocktails is to smoothly integrate all the ingredients and flavours to create a smooth blend. Now, imagine mixing fruits, ice and spirit and simply stirring it with a spoon. The mixture will be prepared but it won’t taste the same. 

To understand this, you can compare a drink mixed in glass vs a drink mixed in a cocktail shaker! In the first case, you will feel there is an inconsistency in the beverage prepared. However, in the second case, you will instantly see the smoothness of the blend created in a cocktail shaker. What's more? The drink mixed in the shaker adds effervescence to the blend that adds character and texture to the drink. 

Now, certain cocktail shakers like the Cobbler shaker comes with a strainer. Therefore, any extra residue that needs filtering easily gets removed thanks to the strainer. Thus, undoubtedly the drink tastes better and smoother. 

  • An Ideal for Martini Lovers! 

When summer hits you in full force, there is nothing like a martini or two to take the heat off. However, the best way to prepare a martini is by using a cocktail shaker. The reason being most martini recipes recommend a good shake. 

Now, this shake is necessary to remove ice and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Additionally, martinis sometimes create a residue that also needs filtration. This is where cocktail shakers like the above mentioned, Cobbler shaker can come into handy.  

This cocktail shaker comes with a good strainer that helps in filtering out excess residue with ease. Now, if you’re looking to buy a good quality cocktail shaker, you can go for ones made of copper. These have a rustic look about them and are gorgeous assets to your home bar. The best part is that these cocktail shakers are priced at less than Rs 2000.  

Therefore, buying one won’t put a dent in your pockets either. 

  • Correct Dilution and More 

The third most important reason you need a cocktail shaker is the proper dilution of water. When you’re mixing a drink, you’re adding water/juice/spirit/ and other ingredients along with ice. Now, while this drink is being shaken, the ice melts in the procedure and adds the right amount of excess water to the drink to smoothen it out. 

Now, say you were to serve the same drink with the ice without shaking it. Then, in warmer climates, the ice would melt inconsistently and not mix properly with the drink. As a result, the drink would be tasteless. However, when you cool it and mix the ice properly with the cocktail shaker the result is a smoother cocktail. 

  • Go Beyond Cocktail and Martinis  

Cocktail shakers are not simply for those fancy martinis. These shakers allow one to go beyond usual cocktails. There are so many options to mix and use the cocktail shaker for; therefore, the bartenders do not simply mix cocktails to look cool.  

Tons of ingredients simply taste better when shaken. For instance, let’s take the drinks mentioned below: 

  • Drinks like Piña Colada, Pisco Sour and New Orleans Fizz, need that quintessential shake to create the necessary flavouring and look. 
  • Milk-based drinks do not acquire sophisticated flavouring and texture without the necessary shake. 
  • If you’re mixing ingredients like egg and pineapple juice, there is the need to add the necessary froth. Now, this froth only occurs if the cocktails are shaken properly. 
  • Fruit juices like cranberry or strawberry need a good shake to give the drink a smooth consistency. This is why many bartenders prefer to shake a cosmopolitan before serving.

Have you seen those bartenders shaking drinks in the cocktail shaker in acrobatic hand movements? If you have, chances are you have thought to yourself, “They are so cool, I wish I could do that?” 

Well, turns out you can! Everyone can flaunt a classic cocktail shaker vibe. All you need to do is buy the cocktail shaker, find your recipe and learn your moves. Start with an easy move before, and practice for a few days, and in no time, you’ll be a pro! 

  • A Cocktail Shaker is Worth it! 

One of the major reasons people shy away from using cocktail shakers is time. However, this is only temporary. Using a cocktail shaker takes time in the beginning solely because you are not a professional. 

With time when you shake your drinks and learn the moves, it almost becomes a habit. Not to mention, using these cocktail shakers are very good for toning your arms. The rigorous movements help in giving arms a sleek and slim look, which can double up as a good arm workout. 

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 6 classic reasons to invest in a cocktail shaker, why don’t you start shopping for one! You can simply find the best cocktail shaker online. For best results, you can get one with a strainer.  

You can also get a copper metal shaker that is trending among bartenders thanks to its glossy look! 

Wait! This isn’t the end! Before concluding, let’s briefly review the tips to use a cocktail shaker! 

When you’re out to mix drinks for the first time, start with selecting a basic recipe. Next, add the ingredients along with ice in the mixing glass. Now, if you’re using a Boston shaker, make sure the to attach a strainer. 

However, if your cocktail shaker has a strainer, all you need to do is place the lid securely over the mixing glass. Now, place the shaker over your shoulder and shake vigorously. You can count to ten and shake slowly until a frost develops around the shaker. 

Once done, strain the drink in a glass and serve it cool! 

Well, there you go! Now that we have told you the tips to use the shaker, you can buy it and start mixing. To buy the best cocktail shaker, ensure to do some research online! You can even check out websites like Ellementry for more insight! We hope you liked the blog! Cheers! 

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