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We all love chip and dips. Remember, back when we were in school, we would often go over to Mac Donalds and order those crispy fries or fish and chips. These would be served in cute little chip and dips, which often made post-school studying so much fun.

Well, who said all that needs to stop now? All you need to do is invest in a good quality chip and dip from any reputed online store.

Once you do, you can use it in countless ways? For instance, sit tight and read this blog, today we are going to highlight 6 major reasons you need to invest in a chip and dip.

Let’s Get Started:


  • Lazy Impromptu Movie Dates


If you are stuck with your husband on quarantine, chances are often you both would like to go for, ’Netflix and Chill.’

Now, while that is one of the best ways to spend the time in quarantine, imagine how fun it can be if you owned a chip and dip?

Let's say, you both want to start with the latest season of Money Heist for the night. You can spend the day preparing for it. Just look um some easy-breezy chip and dip recipes and get started. 

You can cook things like crispy chili baby corn, chicken kebabs and nuggets. On the little dip, you can pour mayo, piri piri sauce, powder and so much more. This will let you both enjoy a quaint and comfortable night with good shows and food.

What's more? If you do not have the ingredients to cook up a good meal, just tear out those Pingle packets and mix your chips.

You can then add the assortment of dips and enjoy a super cool movie night.


  • Girls Sleepover 


If case, your daughter is inviting the neighbour’s daughter for a cute little sleepover night, you can make it special for her. Simply, make some easy recipes for the night. For example, you can make her some baby corn grilled, mushroom toasties, honey glazed potatoes and so much more.

Now, let your daughter pick her favourite dips. Make sure to include piri piri, cheese and mayo dips as these are the universal favourite.

You can also click a picture with your daughters and post it on Instagram with the sleepover preparations. This way, you can show off your creations while being playful with the girls.

Just ensure to have a good chip and dip at hand to compliment the items you made. You can get classic ones from websites like Ellementry.


  • Evening Soirees


The ladies of the city told you they had exciting new news to share. But you hardly have time to set up a good party. 

Then, the best thing to do is make use of your chip and dip and set up a table for a small evening soiree. You can make some good starter dishes like fried chicken, stir fry corn, pakodas, kebabs, fish fries and others.

In the dips, add some pickle, sauces, condiments and cheese dips. This way, you can set up a comfortable and delicious table of snacks to intensify the soiree. Lastly, ensure to add some quintessential desserts in the cake stand, as these are ideal for complementing the sweet and savoury touch of evening soirees.


  • Bar Nights 


If you are planning to drink with your college buddies this summer, we suggest that opt for amping up your home bar like never before. Now, simply serving drinks isn’t the best way to compliment a party.

If you’re an Indian, chances are you like your drink with the quintessential ‘chakna’. On that note, for the ‘chakna’, you can use your gorgeous chip and dip set. Simply, bring out some snacks like crunch eatables and add a touch of saucy dips to go with your drink.

You can add ground nuts, nachos, chips, crunchy fried chicken, cottage cheese fires, fried pakodas etc.

These are ideal for summer bar nights and will be perfect to compliment whatever liquor you are drinking. What's more? If you are serving soju, then ensure to order some fried chicken with hot sauce and dips.

Fried chicken and soju are a regular combination in South Korea, which falls under one of their potent street food. You can try all this out with your chip and dip now!


  • Dessert for Champions


Many restaurants today are using chip and dips to serve ice cream with side sauces. You can do this too, at home. All you need to do is invest in a delectable yummy chip and dip and this can double up as your dessert.

Simply, ensure to invest in a good quality chip and dip from any reputed online store. You can buy chip and dips like the carbon ceramic chip and dip or the teak wooden chip and dip. These are very stylish and even offer excellent colours and textures, that are ideal for serving desserts.

For example, you can serve vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce in the carbon ceramic chip and dip. This will make the presentation look authentic and will also be worthy of an Instagram food photography.


  • Random Craving Session


Even when you are spending time solo, often you might get unusual cravings that just won’t go away! Therefore, to tackle those, you can opt for using your chip and dip. On that note, here are two examples of dishes you can try when you’re solo and craving a yummy bite.

  • Sweet Potato Chips and Miso Dipping Sauce

Sweet potatoes are healthy, versatile and can pretty much be paired with anything for a delectable yummy taste. You can use any type of sauce or condiment to compliment these sweet potatoes. However, we recommend you try the slightly sweet and salty, miso dip.

This one will give the dish a tangy and smoky feel, which is enough to carb your solo food craving.

  • Classic Chips with Blue Cheese Dips

You can never go wrong with classic chips and blue cheese. Classic chips paired with blue cheese combines the right amount of saltiness and creaminess, which is ideal for a random nibble session.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 6 reasons why you absolutely need chip and dips for your home, why don’t you go buy one?

You can pick your favourite chip and dip from any reputed online store. However, for best results, you can pick a carbon ceramic one, or a teak wooden one. These are extremly classy, handcrafted and are so stylish that these can glam up any modern homes. If you want to check out these variations, you can visit sites like Ellementry.

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