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If you’re thinking of setting up a home bar, chances are you have a lot on your plate. You have to focus on interiors and tons of liquors for making the home bar complete. But there is another very crucial aspect to home bars, and that is the glassware.


Now, drinking and glassware go hand in hand; however, there are just some unwritten rules that every drinker adheres to. For example, different liquors require different sets of glasses. After all, have you ever seen anyone drink wine in a beer glass?


We think not! This is why, it is crucial that you know of the 7 kind of glasses to get for drinking your alcoholic beverages in peace.


On that note, please keep reading this blog to know just what to add to your shopping cart.


Are you ready?

Different Types of Wine Glasses


Let’s Begin: 

    • Beer Mugs

This is the most common type of mug used for drinking beer. This one is burly, tall and ideal for beers as its robust size can help contain a lot of beverage. Additionally, this type of glass is normally tall with and cylindrical in shape. 

It also has a single handle on its side, that makes it very convenient to pick it up while drinking some beer. Additionally, these beer mugs possess thick glass walls, that act as an insulator. As a result, the beverage is kept cool for a long period.

Further, some of these beer mugs also have dimples all over the glass body. Now, many assume this is for decoration and style. However, experts claim that these dimples aid in helping the drinker visualize and applaud the texture and clarity of their beer. Anyway, these are popular as they are sturdy, gorgeous and easy to handle. You can get your kind of beer mugs from any reputed online store. 

    • Highball Glass and Collins Glass

Most people often assume that a high ball glass and Collins glass are the same. However, there is a noticeable difference between a Collins and a Highball glass. As per the words of Piacentini, “Highball is a tall, skinny glass. A Collins is just a taller glass,” 

The purpose of drinking from a Collins glasses is these usually stock a couple of ounces larger than a highball, the advantage here being the added height.

Both these glasses are tall and shaped like a chimney. These are ideal for drinking liquors and cocktails like club sodas, whiskey and gingers and gin-and-tonics. You can also use these to make tiki drinks made from crushed ice.

Now, depending on the capacity of alcohol you can drink and the purpose of the drink, you can either get a highball glass or a Collins glass. For those who like their whiskey strong, the Tom Collins glass is a great option too! 

    • Coupe Glasses 

Couple glasses are a popular alternative to martini glasses and with good reason. These are generally smaller and can hold 6-ounces of alcohol in them and therefore, are ideal for some summer martinis. These are shaped like a v shaped container and have a rim.

This rim helps to prevent unnecessary spillage and therefore, is ideal of the cocktail drinks. The best way to use the coupe glasses is to shake a beverage in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain it into a coupe glass with ease. 

The best part about the coupe glasses is that the stem does not generally heat up easy. As a result, you can keep the drink cool for a long period of time. Thus, if you have a house party with some drinks involved, you can use the coupe glass. As it has a rim, there is less chance of spillage too. So, don’t be afraid to dance a little while sipping the booze from the coupe glass. 

    • Single Rock Glasses 

As per the words of Piacentini, “a single rock glass is ideal for anything neat, any spirit on the rocks.” this one can be used for serving spirituous cocktails, which are stirred and chilled. You can moreover enjoy the chill for a long time as these do not come with a stem. 

One example of a good drink for a single rock glass is a Negroni. This one is made with sweet vermouth, Negroni, and a Campari. This one is also idea for a brandy sniffing escapade, as the single rock glass, easily lets you sniff and enjoy the aroma of the booze. 

Now, the most appropriate single rock glass can hold up to “eight and ten ounces.” All you need to do is pour a decent amount of ice in the single rock glass and it can easily chill your drink and make you enjoy it to perfection. 

    • Irish Coffee 

If you’re a lover of rum, you will love drinking booze in this Irish coffee mug. This one has small heat resistant handles and is shaped in a unique pattern. This one further helps you to drink your booze without getting burnt.  

You can also use this cup to drink beverages without burning your hand. Additionally, these glasses help foam to form on top of the drink, making it frothy and appealing. Thus, for the warmer cocktails this one is a sure winner. 

    • Martini Glasses 

While coupe glasses might be the more popular options, you sure cannot ignore the charm and aura of the martini glasses. These have grown larger with time and are feature a long bowl with a conical bottom. 

So, if you want to drink your cosmos or screwdrivers in a fancy way, the martini glass will surely not let you down. Now, these have stems, so depending on the size you are choosing you can try out most suited drinks. 

    • Wine Goblets 

Brass wine goblets are classic and have been around for ages. These are very authentic, and the brass texture packs tons of benefits, which can undoubtedly boost one's health. Brass has anti-inflammatory properties, along with anti-occidental and anti-ageing ions, which when released in the beverage your drinking can help boost heart health and even aid in preventing harmful free radicals from affecting your body. 

As a result, if you use brass goblets to drink beverages such as red wine, you will be rendered healthy and enjoy a fitter lifestyle.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 7 kinds of glassware to own for your home bar, why don’t you invest in these now? You can find your choice of glassware from any reputed home décor stores. However, if you want authentic quality products in India, you should check out home décor websites like Ellementry. They flaunt the best collection of glassware for home and outdoor bars.

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