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Most of us love attending parties of all kinds. However, arranging a party or throwing a party is a whole different story. There is so much to look out for when you are throwing a party. You must be vigilant of the food, the theme, the decoration, the refreshment and so much more.

Platters to Serve on a Bread Board


However, we might have a solution to your party-throwing plans. Suppose you do have to throw a party in a short notice, why don’t you opt for a few bread board platters for the party.


Bread board platters are beautiful to look at, very easy to make and are ‘oh so delicious’. What's more? There is minimal clean-up involved when you invest in a bread board platter.


However, are you worried about the type of recipes to serve in a bread board? Well, don’t you worry, because we have got you covered.


Today, we are going to talk about 8 kinds of bread board platters to make for a grand party.


So, without wasting much time,


Let’s Begin:



    • Vegetarian Mezze Platter


Who doesn’t love a good party? Party prep, on the other hand… can be less of a blast. From cooking countless dishes to mixing pitchers of cocktails (OK, that’s pretty fun) to tidying up before and after, being a host is no easy feat. But there are lots of shortcuts you can take—and ones that appear far from simple to guests.


Our favourite hack: party platters. With the right ingredients—most of which don’t require cooking—and strategic plating, party platters can easily be the prettiest (and tastiest) way to please guests. From cheese to chocolate to dip galore, these no-fuss party platters are definitely worth celebrating.



    • Vegetarian Mezze Platter


When you are hosting a party, chances are there are tons of guests coming over, where some of them might be gym enthusiasts. Now, it is very hard to get these gym buffs to cooperate and eat a hearty meal.


However, the solution to these are Mezze platters. These are full of veggies, meats and packs loads of fibre, protein, healthy fats and carbs. As a result, the vegetarian mezze platter is sort of like the perfect deal for the gym freaks.


Additionally, for the non-gym lovers, this platter works too! Its full of colour, texture and delectable flavouring that is enough to fill one’s nostrils with hunger. 


Now, to make this platter a hit, you can add things like store bought tzatziki or hummus. You can also make your choice of hummus, depending on the workload at home.


Further, you can pair some whole wheat crackers and pita wedges with this platter to make it a fulfilling one.



    • Fresh Fruit with Ricotta Blend 


This is another exotic dish you can whip up whenever you want. It looks beautiful, is delicious, and is also very low-cost, the fresh fruit ricotta blend is a true winner. Now, the best part about this platter is that it is so very easy to make.


Additionally, to make this platter, you can add some berries like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, grapes, kiwis, oranges, apples, pineapples and more. Along with this assortment of fruits, add some things like Greek yogurt, honey, assorted dairy or even ice creams.


Now, arrange this assortment in a stylish way on your wooden platter and serve it fresh.



    • Cheese and Meat Board Platter 


You can never go wrong with a well-cooked meat and bread board platter. To make this all you need is an assortment of meats, sausages, kebabs, salamis and others. Along with this, ensure to have a fresh assortment of cheese to give texture and flavour.


Now, you can also add things like pistachios, cashews, spicy almonds, and other things to the platter to make it look good. 



    • Mediterranean Bruschetta Hummus Platter


This recipe is very low-key and does not even require one to invest in a store-bought hummus, out of its package. What’s more? This one topped with easy to make bruschetta with a healthy dash of balsamic, which is ideal for some tangy flavouring.


Now, add some fresh veggies here like kale, lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomatoes and others to make the platter look grand.



    • Date Night Desserts Fondue 


Whether it is a party of two, ten of fifteen, you can still feed enough mouths with the delectable chocolate fondue. This one has tons of chocolate in it with your choice of fancy dippers. You can add cakes, fondue, cheesecake, ice cream and more with this chocolate date nights fondue. Additionally, ensure to add some champagne and sweet sauces to compliment this dessert bread board platter.



    • Sweet and Salty Platter


The sweet and salty platter is a great example of combining your favourite snacks with some sweet nothings to create a delectable platter. To keep things light add some muffins, fruits, and cupcakes with some sausages, cheese and meat. 


You can further add some sides of fresh nuts, and fruits. Just ensure to have a jumbo-sized platter for complimenting this huge dish. You can opt for some classic platters like teak wooden platter or mango wood platter. To buy this type of cheeseboard, always go for certified websites, for example, you can try Ellementy.



    • Fresh Melon Platter 


If you want to glam up your basic meat and cheese platter, this time substitute the crackers with some melons. This one uses fresh assortment of melons, herbs, chopped pistachios, barbequed meat and cheese. Very delectable and fresh to taste, this one is sure to win the hearts of any guest who tries it.


You can get the full recipe of this one online. Just ensure to decorate the platter carefully for more texture and art.



    • Ultimate Dessert Platter


The ultimate dessert platter combines a little bit of everything. You can add an assortment of things to this platter like chopped pistachios, freshly sliced fruits (assorted) and other dessert necessities like cupcakes, pastries, muffins, and other sweet nothings.


For this one, ensure to invest in a wooden platter, as these look exceptionally good. You can find a wooden platter from any reputed websites; however, we recommend that you pick one from websites, which are trusted. For instance, you can check out home décor stores like Ellemetary.


These people sell authentic hand-crafted wooden kitchenware, which are perfect for complimenting any sort of modern homes.


On that note, now that you are aware of the 8 kinds of recipes to flaunt in your favourite bread board, make sure to invest in a good one today. Now, make every party a grand one and impress your guests with your innovative kitchen serve ideas. We hope you liked the blogs! Cheers!

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