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A well-maintained workplace is every person’s dream come true. Imagine working at a place where everything is labelled, and you have no trouble finding anything ever. This is a pure blessing, isn’t it! The same works for the kitchen. It gets much simpler to prepare a finger-licking dish when less time goes in searching for ingredients from cabinets to cabinets. The job takes much lesser time when every item has its own place. What do you think helps the most in organizing the kitchens? It’s the jars, right! Ellementry introduces you to some of the most beautiful and classy-looking containers that match your style and decor. 

There is no doubt that a tidy and organized workspace makes the job smooth and easy to a great extent. You might agree that a neat and organized kitchen works as a motivation for the people who spend most of the time there. The best way to create such a cooking atmosphere at home is using aesthetic storage containers for spices, herbs, lentils, cookies, and other items. These jars not only make the kitchen look sophisticated. The cooking process becomes much easier, and everything in its place makes accessibility more relevant in the kitchen. 

The market is full of different types of jars. Jars that will make you fall in love at first sight. Not only they are the perfect organiser for your kitchen, but they are also made from nature-friendly material. Buying them would mean you will be doing your bit towards nature. 

Glass jars

Glass is a 100% sustainable material and is pleasing to look at. Glass jars are perfect to stock all sorts of products. Their transparency adds colour to the surroundings as the item is clearly visible from the outside. You can store your homemade strawberry jam or keep tasty jalapeno with the vinegar mix. You can also keep an eye on your mango pickle. They are appropriate for all kinds of stuff; liquid or solid. The jars are extremely easy to clean, non-porous, pocket friendly, and keep the edible item safe inside. A single glass jar can be used again and again. Wash it once and it will shine like new.

Glass Jars

Twigy frosted glass jar with wooden lid

Do you also keep some cookies store in the jar and put them on your coffee or dinner table? This twiggy frosted glass jar would be perfect for such a situation. Store nuts or keep some cookies, it will keep them safe and crunchy as long as you want. The beautiful design on it will make you bring them home in the first look. 

Ceramic jars

These jars are all about different styles and designs. Other than being a nature lover, the ceramic jars are quite a looker. What attracts the most about them is that each one of them is made from hands. Each container comes with a lid. This means you can trust these with the items that need to be protected from moisture and air.

Ceramic Jars

Carbon jar set of two

The stoneware carbon jar set of two beautifully reflects one of the brand pillars of Ellementry i.e. fusion. The jar is a mix of ceramic and wood that makes this artistic jar functional and safe for food items. If you think about it, this product is also a great gifting idea for family and friends. 

The earth jar set of two (large) 

The modern art form in blue and white patterns on these Earth Jar sets of two (large) is inspired by the sky and earth as seen from a great distance, aka space. These jars are perfect for your kitchen as they embody the visuals of blue oceans and skies together. The place will look elegant and minimalistic. 

Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid 

It’s time to level up your storage game. Give it a little earthy twist with these terracotta jars that comes with a wooden lid. This jar will give your place an ambience a cultural boost. The wooden lid keeps the item stored safe and free from moisture. You can use them to keep all your home-baked cookies and everyday useful pulses. 

These jars will help you store all kinds of products. All you have to do is bring them home from Ellementry.

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