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Stepping into a kitchen is never easy. There is so much to handle that confusion and chaos come as no surprise for an amateur. The first time is always stressful as every kitchen is full of numerous utensils, tools, spices, lentils, and whatnot. The learning curve is immense when you start without any knowledge. 

Begin with getting the understanding of what pan is used to make what kind of dish. Kitchenwares are the soul of any kitchen. Of course, when you begin taking interest in cooking, you want a new set of pans and cookware to make your favourite recipe. Ellementry will help you find what you are looking for. 

You must know that there are some tools and utensils without which a kitchen cannot function smoothly. They are like the must-have of the place. One must know how they work and what their function in cooking is. So here are some must have items that you must know about. 

Must Have Kitchenware


Cutting board 

It is the most common tool that one needs in the kitchen. It is available in every kitchen. It allows you to chop the veggies and fruits on a safe and clean platform, maintaining the hygiene level at the countertop. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can have it according to your need and style. Have a look at this one:

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Natural Wood butcher board (Square)

The wooden board by Ellementry will allow you to chop your celery with precision. Usually, cutting and slicing ingredients is the first job that one gets to do. Learn and polish your cutting skill using this natural wood butcher board by Ellementry. 

Mortar and pestle 

Most of you might be unaware of this tool. The technology has lessened the use of this conventional tool in the household. Even though the technology saves time, the organic taste and essence of the spices are evoked by mortar and pestle. You might like to bring this one home 

White Marble Mortar and Pestle


White marble mortar & pestle- small 

Crafted with marble, this kitchen classic tool with crush and blend the herbs, spices, and roots conveniently. As you crush the spices in a marble mortar and pestle, the oil in the spices tends to get detached from the pores while is not the case in electronic blending gadgets. They only cut the spices. Crushing the herbs and spices helps to bring their true taste and oil out from the core.

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Chakla belan

Everyone is familiar with its usage and function. Many households prefer to roll their dough ball on the countertop itself. It is not at all safe for health. The possibility of germs getting mixed in the dough from the platform is much higher. A rolling pin and board, also known as chakla belan in Hindi, provides a base to roll the chapatti in a much simpler way. Have a look at this one: 

In teak wooden chakla belan withstand- large

This product comes with a stand to keep belan in its position when it is not in use. The board is large enough to give you all the space you want while rolling your chapatti. Make smooth and round chappati and make your mother feel proud using this in teak wooden chakla belan. 

Cook / Bakewares 

Of course, the dishes you need to make your recipe in, are the most important part of any kitchen. They are available in so many designs, shapes, and colours that you will get confused about which one to buy. Along with providing the right base, it allows measuring quantity as well. 

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Sienna terracotta baking dish

Everyone loves pasta. No one can deny this fact. Bake one using this sienna terracotta dish by Ellementry. It is made from eco-friendly material and distributes the heat evenly all over the surface. It allows the dish to cook completely from all sides. 

Jars / Containers 

Jars keep all the ingredients in the kitchen fresh and useable for a longer time. Their size varies as per the need and quantity of the ingredients. 

Neve sage jar set of two

These hand-painted ceramic jars with wooden lids are ideal for all kinds of items. From tiny cookies to lentils, you can keep anything in it. 

You can have a look at much more such kitchenware only at 

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