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Whether you are meeting someone for the very first time or trying to take your relationship to the next level, it is quite obvious that you may feel a little bit anxious and nervous about the response and how the meeting will turn out. You may be nervous about leaving a good impression or losing a friend in case the case is latter.

Love and romance are essentials for living a happy life, something you cannot do without. It is important that you give yourself the right start to get to know your significant other and make the setting comfortable as well as something that sets the right mood. Dealing with the anxiety of meeting a new person may keep you on toes and you may be confused about ensuring a perfect date!

Going out to a club or a bar becomes too public and you may want to start the evening on a more private note. While planning an entire dinner may seem too much work, especially if you don’t know the other person’s taste and preference, a tea date is a safe and ideal option. Simply set up the ambience and serve a hot cup of tea in cup with saucer and let the evening unfold.

Not sure why a tea date is a perfect start? Here are some reasons to convince you!!

  1. A tea date is more casual

Since it is your first date, you may have a lot of hesitations. Creating a casual and comfortable setting offers some easiness since the last thing you need to add to your nervousness is a formal and official setting. The fresh aroma of tea in a cup with saucer and the calming nature of tea can ease a lot of your anxieties while at the same time creating a romantic environment for a memorable date. Tea is known to calm you down and offers you an opportunity to have some meaningful conversations while you try to know each other better.

If you are not sure which teacup saucer to buy, how about picking up this aqua rustic ceramic teacup and saucer from Ellementry. 

  1. A tea date is an economical

A perfect date does not mean you spend an extravagant amount of money. Especially if you are meeting for the first time and trying to know each other better, it is better to keep your costs minimal before you decide you are meant for each other.

Hot tea in a cup with saucer served with some sandwiches, snacks or scones is the perfect setting for a date. The entire date will not burn a hole in your pocket and leave your partner happy and well cared for.

  1. A tea date is safe

You may not know whether your date likes to have Italian or Chinese? Do they prefer a casual setting or a more formal one? But tea, who does not fancy a cup of tea? Having a tea date is a safe choice and to make it even better you can ditch the boring teacups or mugs and serve tea in a cup with saucer.

How about this blue meadow ceramic teacup and saucer from Ellementry.

 This is the perfect teacup saucer to buy if you are looking for a unique and romantic setting to serve your tea in.

  1. It is ideal for a chat

No one feels awkward or uncomfortable with a cup of tea, whether a friend, a date or even your spouse. An afternoon or evening tea is quite underestimated but offers the perfect setting to have a chat. You don’t really have to go to and fro in the kitchen to bring the food and set the table and you can focus on the date. What more can you look for in a romantic environment than a soothing drink that calms both of you and gets you talking?

  1.     It is also ideal for date nights

Regular date nights are the key to a happy marriage. While it is not practical to hire a sitter every other week since it puts you under a financial crunch and your schedules may be super hectic to do that. More often than not, one of the spouses is not so keen on going out. What about a stay at home date? A tea date is an ideal option that you can try anytime. Simply put the kids to bed, dim the lights and serve tea in a cup with saucer. These impromptu dates can be fun, affordable and very romantic!

Now that you know how quick, efficient and romantic these tea dates can be, simply set up the ambience and be ready to have a romantic and casual date with your partner. Lay the table, set up a rose in a bud vase, dim the lights and you can even light a few candles. Serve your tea in a cup with saucer and be ready for a cosy and romantic chat!

What do you think of these reasons? Sound convincing? How about planning your next date around a cup of hot tea? If you like you can even explore different flavours of tea to spruce up your regular tea dates? Try masala, lemon or chamomile tea or infuse some herbs and make your own special version!

Do let us know how your tea date went? Got more ideas? Do share with us what you think and don’t forget to share this article with your friends! You never know who is in need of a quick first date idea!

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