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Accent chairs are the ones that you need to make any room of your house just perfect. These chairs add additional seating to your room. It accents the room’s main furniture ( like a sofa in the living room ). It adds colour and texture to the room and makes it look more decorative. It solves both the purposes and comes in a variety of texture, design, style, and colours. In this accent chairs guide, we will tell you about the different living room chairs, their features and suggest you the perfect ones for your rooms. You must visit Ellementry to check stylish and chic accent tables for your house. 

Firstly, we will discuss the accent chair type and chair style which suits best for each room in your house. 


    • Armchair: Armchair is the most common and popular chair amongst accent chairs. They are made keeping comfort in mind. The most comfortable material is used in it and it incorporates two sides/arms to rest your arms on it. Its design usually fits well in the living room because some designs look like a single seating sofa. They are available in a wide variety of colours, designs, materials that you can easily make it a part of any room.
    • Slipper chair: The best way to define a slipper chair is that it is an armchair but without arms. It is a perfect combination of style and comfort. It is recognized by its sleek and beautiful design. Its variety of colours and designs suits everyone’s needs. Such chairs suit best in the living room where you can relax and watch television.
    • Side Chair: It is a high chair as compared to other furniture. It has a wooden frame, soft material, and no arms. They are perfect to fill small and awkward places in the house. They are perfect if you want to watch television and high enough that it can be added to dining tables for additional seating.
    • Barrel chair: Barrel chair is barrel-shaped as the name says it all. It has got high back and high arms in a round shape. It usually has plenty of padding which makes it the most comfortable piece to relax on. It adds a natural and rustic feel to any room.
    • Lounge chair: As the name says it is designed for lounging. It has got a slanted back with a small matching stool to rest your feet. These footrests are sometimes built in the chair and sometimes come separately. Such chairs are used in patios, near pools, in living rooms and also bedroom.
    • Wingback chair: As per our accent chair guide, it is one of the stylish accent chairs. It is used for formal seating arrangements such as meeting rooms, libraries, home offices, etc. They are quite bulky so may not be a good option if you wish to keep moving your accent chair from one room to another. You can place this royal look near your fireplace and enjoy reading a book.
    • Papason chair: A dish shaped design with a sturdy frame is the best way to describe such an accent chair. They are extremely comfortable and relaxing to sit. You can add anywhere in your house if you are not looking for a heightened accent chair as its pretty short in height and reminds of an old balloon-shaped wooden frame swing. It is cushioned properly to provide you comfort in every way. It is mainly preferred because of its beautiful frame and shape. You can even add it to your bedroom.
    • Balloon chair: It is a balloon-shaped accent chair that comes with a deep seat and enclosed arm. Some of them are mounted from the ceiling and gives a gorgeous look to your room. 


There are numerous accent chair styles available. The main style options include modern, temporary, traditional, rustic, french country, etc. 

    • Modern style: This kind of furniture has its roots in a modern movement that dates back to the 1800s. Such pieces are simple and streamlined. The colours used are subtle and right and the focus while creating such piece is on function than fashion.
    • Contemporary style: This style is known for its simplicity and curves. It often incorporates bold colours and bold patterns. It borrows some ideas from modern style but it is a completely different category of style.
    • Traditional Style: Accent chairs created in traditional style are quite ordinary. But they are comfortable and look classic and authentic. The colours used in the making of such chairs are usually warm, light and earthy. It is a perfect choice is you your planning a traditional style home decor.
    • Rustic style: It is known for its basic rugged design which highlights its natural beauty. The hallmark of this style is honest, warm and earthy colours.
    • French country: It is one of the most charming styles of accent chairs. It is a combination of old-world design with some modern colours to it. 

Our accent chair guide will discuss some basic tips if you planning to buy accent chairs for your home decor: 

    • Maintainance and repair: Accent chairs can be well maintained. It is easy to clean them depending upon the cloth used. If it gets damaged, it can be repaired but should not be extremely damaged. It is always better to buy a new accent chair if the previous one is damaged because it is pretty expensive to repair an accent chair.
    • Research and buy: It is always better to research and buy an accent chair. Never buy an accent chair willy-nilly. Look for some inspiration. Choose a style that fits well with other furniture. An accent chair bought without planning can make it look odd in your room. It should amalgamate well with the rest of the room decor.
    • Cost and budget: An accent chair can be as expensive as a sofa set depending upon the style and design you are opting for. The material used in the making of an accent chair plays a very important role in its overall cost. Material like real leather can be expensive whereas faux leather can be a more affordable option with almost the same look as real leather. 

Here our accent chairs guide comes to an end. We hope it will help you to buy a perfect accent chair for every room. Happy shopping! Visit Ellementry for some inspiration and to buy accent furniture.

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