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Any party or get together is incomplete without the accent tables. Whether it’s poolside or in your house, accent tables as just center tables and dining tables won’t make your home decor complete. Accent tables are required in places like your living room, bedroom, patios, and almost all the places. If there will be no accent table, where you will put your glass of water or a book after reading it or a lampshade? Today, we will share with you the accent tables to buy in 2020. A wide variety of accent tables are available but choose the ones that go perfectly with your home decor and help you enlighten your house with its grace. Check Ellementry for the trendy accent tables.

Accent table with removable tray: What can be more graceful than an artistic table with removable trays? This table is made up of oak wood with two removable handwoven cane trays. These trays give it a traditional look with some modern elements. You can place it between the two single woven armchairs and can enjoy your coffee or tea. It is sturdy enough to even hold a lamp. It can be kept in any room to make it look beautiful. If you wish to but this artistic piece of home decor, you visit Ellementry website and grab one. 

Wood Peg table: There can be nothing more interesting than an accent table that can even hide your things or essentials. It’s a perfect table if you love to keep wooden furniture in your house. This table doubles up as a storage unit. You can easily store your knick-knacks like a television remote and some books. It’s an item of smart furniture for your home decor. It is one of the best accent tables to buy in 2020. You will not find this piece of elegance anywhere else but only at Ellementry website.  

Wood and metal table: This is a Shibori print blue wood and metal tray table. This table looks more like a heightened tray. Its colour and design make it one of the outstanding accent tables. It is a combination of beauty and utility because of the elegance of wood and the sturdiness of metal. It is very easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it off after. Check out our Ellementry website for this piece of beauty. 

Round coffee accent table: A round accent table attached to your sofa will be a perfect one to keep your coffee or tea or a glass of water. Such tables are not movable but look graceful and perfectly placed. Attach as a white round table with your dark brown sofa sets and place a stack of books or vase full of flowers on it when you are not using it for drinking coffee. It will look beautiful.  

Three-legged stool style wooden accent table: This stool style table may look very common but it is one of the best accent tables to buy. All that matters is design. This brown and white finish on this table makes it unique. It’s all about the colours used and the way they are used. You can also buy a simple brown three-legged wooden table and can convert it into an artistic piece by adding some patterns on it or maybe painting it with two colours. 

School desk shaped accent table: The stylish school desk shaped accent table gives you a lot of space to stack your book properly. Its natural wood finish makes it look like an authentic school desk of the 1990s. You can add charm to in by adding a vase on the top of it or by placing a small showpiece. 

Wooden accent table with lamp: A table that comes with a lamp is perfect for your bedroom. The attached lamp to it makes it look beautiful. Keep your night time books under it and enjoy it.

Ceramic stool-side table: This table is the perfect match for any room as it’s a piece of convertible furniture. You can use it either to put your things and as it is usually strong enough and can be used as additional seating in the house. Stack yourself or make yourself comfortable by sitting on it, it’s up to you. Its stylish look makes it look like a showpiece and this way it enhances the beauty of your room. 

Stepper accent table: A table that looks like a staircase. Not every table looks beautiful or artistic when you see it for the first time. It’s about how you use it. A stepper accent table will look wonderful when you put some beautiful things on each stair. It’s like a small showcase of things. Its stepper look makes it one of the innovative accent tables to buy.

Theme based accent table: A very cute table to decorate your garden. Having a pool party or a bar be cue party in the garden? Impress your guests with a frog-themed accent table. It will amalgamate well with your garden looks. Put some bottle of wine and few wine glasses to enhance the grace of this accent table and you are all set for a perfect accent table. You can try other themes such as butterflies, flowers, bees, etc. 

Accent table with drawers: Accent tables with drawers gives us some storage space to keep files, books, notepads and other essential items of our choice. They are spacious. The only problem with such tables is that they are comparatively bigger in size and may require more space. They cannot be moved easily. Hence, it is not a good option for bedrooms. But it can be the best option for your entryway where you can add a flower vase to it with a lamp on it. 

These were a few ideas for you to buy a perfect accent table for your house in 2020. Accent tables look minimalistic and yet the perfect touch to your house decor. Visit Ellementry today to check out such tables and give your home a refreshing look.

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