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Ask any cooking enthusiast and they will tell you unanimously, “Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art” and the kitchen is your studio where you can practice this art. Adjusting ingredients, creating flavours and whipping up magic, cooking is undoubtedly more about following your heart, rather than copybook recipes. 


For someone who loves their art so passionately, how can your studio be underprepared for you practising the art! It is a well-known fact that beauty inspires art and creativity. Why not surround yourself with beauty in the kitchen then? There are so many great accessories available that ensure you get form and function together. 


Just like you love cooking, there are artisans who love making the experience more pleasurable for you. Once you take a look at some of these masterpieces, handcrafted with perfection, you will be left wondering, how come you did not think of these earlier? Take, for example, the oil and vinegar bottles that you have in your kitchen. A common occurrence in every kitchen, did you know what accessories are available for these? Yes, you read that right, accessories for oil and vinegar bottles! Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at some examples:





    • Cruets




You would surely have seen oil bottles in different shapes, sizes and colours, but did you know there is a specific type of container available for the oils to be stored and used. No, we are not talking about the ordinary oil dispensers made of glass. Cruets are special flat bottomed vessels that typically have a narrow neck and a spout to make pouring oil easy and less messy. 


And with the ingenuity of craftsmen, these cruets can truly become a piece of art. Now, instead of the boring old bottles of oil, you can own one of these exquisitely designed pieces, reflecting your own sense of style. What’s even more interesting, is the fact that these are available in pairs (for oil and vinegar), complete with a stand to hold them.


Own one of these elegant pieces and make an impression on your guests, should they venture into your kitchen. In fact, you can even give them a casual tour of your kitchen subtly showing off your precious collections!





    • Lids or Bottle Stoppers




Storing oil or vinegar in glass bottles is a common practice, but why does that have to be so boring? You can up the style quotient with something as simple as customized or handcrafted bottle stoppers or lids. Subtlety is an art in itself and nothing represents them better than these charming lids.


Be it the handcrafted wooden designs or the chiselled glass stoppers in different colours, each of these has a unique story to tell, your amazing sense of style is the first one. Not just different styles or materials, you can even take a pick of the colour that you want and one that complements your décor. 


With such wonderful options available to brighten up your kitchen, you will never again have to make a choice between form and function, as both are equally important. You can explore further and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you find even stone stoppers, designed to give a unique earthy feel to your kitchen.





    • Oil Pourers




Anyone who loves cooking and experimenting with recipes, whether for taste or for health, knows that the quantity of oil or vinegar in a dish can make or break the taste. So, if you are just looking for a spray of oil, having the oil pouring over the dish is the stuff nightmares are made of, isn’t it?


No need to worry about it anymore as there is a simple solution available for this – oil pourers. Yes, that’s correct, these are a reality. Now you can choose the one that fits the mouth of your oil or vinegar bottle and simply experiment with your recipe to your heart’s fill. Isn’t it incredible, how such a small thing can control such a big mess and help you attain that perfect blend of taste and health, you have also aspired for.

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    • Coasters




Another common yet simple flourish for your kitchen can be the addition of coasters for storing your oil and vinegar bottles, as well as covering them, when not in use are coasters. Available in a huge variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes, this is probably one of the accessories one is most familiar with.


However, what you probably did not know is that coasters are one of the most viable platforms to display the different art forms available all across. Be it the different painting styles, hand-painted on the coaster by master craftsmen or the intricate stonework patterns chiselled onto the piece.


With such simple, yet prominent options available easily within your budget, it’s time to give your kitchen the much-needed upgrade. Ellementry provides you with a lot of options within your reach and budget. Start with your oil and vinegar bottles, ones which are generally neglected by all and you will soon see the happiness it brings into your kitchen. Not just delicious recipes that are the ultimate win, but the happiness you will feel while cooking, all thanks to the aesthetics in the kitchen, will ensure you fall in love with cooking even more. 


Once you have made this small upgrade, you will surely look for other accessories and ideas that will help you further enhance your cooking experience.

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