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Almost half of the world is working from home today. All of you are functioning from your comfort zone, yet the haunting of Monday continues. The tedious Monday blues effect after a fun weekend night is a scientific phenomenon. It is a real thing which if reached its saturation, hampers an individual’s productivity and mental peace 

If you think about it, Monday blues suggests that your work life is tampering your personal life. It also means that you are not happy or entirely contented with your present job. The imbalance between professional and private life can be solved by indulging yourself in fun activities. 

Ellementry is here to help you cope up with your Monday blues with its handcrafted and sustainable kitchenware and decor products.


Bake on Sundays to cope up with Monday Blues

While there are thousands of things that you can try to beat this feeling, here are few tips lined up for your help:

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Interrogate yourself

After a certain level, Monday Blues become a serious condition. It no more remains something to laugh off or just live with. It has to be dealt with care and attention. The first thing that you must do is to ask yourself for the reasons for the feeling. Is it because you are not happy with your job or because you need a short break from it or your life imbalance? Figure out the cause behind it and fix it. 

Get the work done on Friday

Sometimes Mondays stress you because of the piled up work from the last week. If you have a habit of procrastinating things, then this might be the time to let it go. Get your half work done for Monday on Friday itself, so that you do not feel pressured on Sunday evening. 

Make a list

Prepare a list of things that excites you. Take some time for them. Indulge yourself in fun activities. A week is not only about getting tough work done only. It is about having fun as well. Make a list of three things on Sunday evening that you look forward to at work that week. It will put you in good mood. 

Do what you love

Other than worrying about Monday, try to live your weekend to its fullest. Do what makes you happy. Gardening, swimming or baking. Open up your sense and bake your heart out. It is no less than therapy for an individual. You can use fancy bakewares from Ellementry. 

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To help you with your baking, here are some products that you might like to add to your bakeware collection. 

Mano ceramic tart dish

The weekend is about relaxing and doing everything other than work. It is about eating with an open heart as you take your break from your diet. Bake yourself a pie and gift yourself this sweet delicacy because you deserve it. 

Bake and serve pie with a classic touch in this ceramic pie dish. It is a multi-purpose dish. If you are planning to call some friends over, use the dish as serveware to serve snacks or chips. 

Terracotta baking dish

Understandably, your hectic schedule would hardly give you any time to showcase your culinary skill. Well, that’s what weekends are for. Let a baker and a spectacular chef unleash their culinary magic through this terracotta baking dish. Prepare delicious pasta using it and surprise everyone with your expertise. 

As the name suggests, the product is made from terracotta which is 100% nature and oven friendly. It is appropriate for long cooking on low heat as it distributes the heat evenly all over the surface. 

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Bake some cookies on Sunday and offer them to your colleagues and boss. It will make you happy as it will be a sweet gesture from your side. People love it when someone treats or presents them with something special. 

Upper crust ceramic tart dish

How about serving your kids and family members finger licking tarts and pies? Bake one yourself and make your weekend meals with the family memorable. 

This ceramic dish is round with fluted sides. It makes it perfect for tarts, quiches, and other side servings. 

Bake whatever you or your loved ones like using these beautiful bakeware items and bid adieu to Monday blues with Ellementry. 

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