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Are you an eager baker? Then you must be familiar with the fact that having the right kind of tools while baking is of utmost importance. A bakeware set is a complete pack of special utensils that are used exclusively for baking in the kitchen. 

These include cookie sheets, spoons and saucepans, mixing bowls, baking pans etc. Baking is an art. It can be enjoyed when you have the appropriate utensils for it. A reputed bakeware brand like Ellementry, is an ideal place to buy all these baking essentials. 

An array of standard bakeware will give a perfect whip to all your bread dough and cake batter. Its surface will evenly distribute the heat to all the corners, providing you with a perfect and crispy base. 

Ceramic Bakeware

The act of baking is considered comfort food. According to many studies, it also helps people lift their depression. They believe while measuring sugar, flour and cracking eggs, they feel their mental ability is under control and directed towards something positive. It has some therapeutic value that is beneficial to mental health.

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Different baking pan materials behave differently in the oven. While heating, these materials react with the heat and release toxic fumes that make the food inedible. Always buy your bakeware from a brand like Ellementry, a premium kitchenware brand, which delivers products that are 100% environment friendly and handcrafted.

Here is some beautifully handcrafted bakeware you must have in your kitchen: 

Upper crust ceramic loaf pan 

For all our beginners, who start with baking loaves of bread, we present you our beautiful ceramic loaf pan handcrafted especially for you. The first time is always special. 

To give you a memorable experience of your first baking moment this upper-crust ceramic loaf pan is the ideal loaf pan, to begin with. Everything has to be perfect when you are baking for the first time. The ceramic bowl is hand thrown and provides even temperature to the surface, giving your bread a crispy and evenly cooked crust. 

Sienna terracotta baking dish 

Let’s admit. Each one of us loves cookies. And it tastes even better when they are homemade. These terracotta baking dishes are perfect for baking cookies and other dishes as well.

Their flat surface allows heat to distribute evenly all across. These dishes are entirely microwave-friendly and fit perfectly in your baking set. They are made from terracotta which makes them suitable for long and slow cooking on low heat. 

Upper crust ceramic tart dish 

Your guest can’t leave without having a delicious dessert baked by youBake a pie or a tart in these beautiful upper crust ceramic tart dishes and serve them to your guests with pride and a smile. 

The fluted sides of the ceramic dishes make them perfect for tarts, quiches or other side servings. They are 100% eco-friendly and handcrafted by true artisans. They demand nothing but love and care from you. 

Terracotta baking dish

The one thing about terracotta is that they are the best material for cooking and baking. Utensils, made from terracotta, are 100% safe for all food items and are perfect for long cooking.

Terracotta Baking Dish


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Terracotta baking dishes from Ellementry are perfect for baking cheesy and finger-licking pasta or any other food item you and your children relish the most. They are multi-purpose dishes.

You can cook and then bring them straight to the table to serve. Their beautiful design sits perfectly well on your table. It gathers all the attention and compliments from your guests. 

Baking is a fun activity. It involves more than measuring and mixing ingredients. A good baker applies his or her own experience, passion, love, philosophies, and strategies to their baking to create a delicious and unique finished product. 

Creativity is his greatest asset. It is given the best shape and colour with the perfect baking utensils. A semi-cooked or under-cooked dish is none other than a nightmare for a baker. Visit to find the perfect baking ware for your kitchen and give your skill an upgraded style. 

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