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There are many types of bread in the market, and they have different shelf lives. You can store the dark bread type for a long time and sourdough and rye easily for up to 10 days. However, white bread is only good for three days. The Scandinavian bread is the premium quality bread, and tops in the storage life list. Even after you open it, you can store it for up to a year.



Loaf Pan or Breadbox


The bread, which is the commonly used product, is a soft edible product. It requires care to prevent it from going bad. It is crucial to protect it from moisture, to stop mould formation. However, moisture is essential for the bread as well, as it prevents the bread from drying. Hence, it is necessary to keep the bread in a bread box or baskets. These are common in bakeries as they have ventilation holes in them that hold the moisture and oxygen. People who like hard bread crust should use a wooden box. It keeps the crust crisp. At Ellementry, we offer you products that are comfortable and luxurious to take your baking experience to a new level.

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An Ideal breadbox is necessary to maintain the quality of the bread. Ellementry offers you a bread box that is very convenient and stunning. It is a fusion of metal and wood. The wooden lid doubles up as a chopping board on which you can slice your bread.


Serving Tray:

The design of the tray or platter needs to be lavish and attractive. You can use it majorly for the display of baked items, but they are also widely used for enhancing the decor of the place. You can store freshly baked bread, croissants on different platters. The material of the platters vary and can be: wood, ceramic, wood & glass, etc. They can be the cheese boards or breadboards available at Ellementry. These not only make your food healthy as they use nature-friendly materials for production but also create an out of world dining experience for you.



The beautiful and functional cloche is ideal for displaying a wide variety of baked stuff in the bakeries and home. Cloches are mostly a fusion of either glass and wood or glass and marble. A union of glass with marble base serves as the perfect home to your cakes and pastry and sits nicely at the table. Glass cloche online are generally mouth-blown clear glass that adds to the beauty of our cloche designs. It makes a beautiful presentation of cheese, fruits, desserts and other appetisers. Square small glass cloche with its ergonomically designed structure elegantly protects your mithais or pastries. Give your cakes or bread a classy treatment in the round glass cloche with the wooden base also protects it at the party or the feast. Also, these cloches are great for organising bakery products and attract customers or guests.

Bread bag

Bread Box

The bread bag is a great way to keep your bread fresh for usage for a long time. It has a unique role and clip closure. You can roll down the closure till where you consume the loaf. It assists in maintaining the freshness by reducing the air movement around the bread.

For the cleaning of the bread bag, people need to pull out the inner lining of the bag. With this action, you can get rid of the crumbs and reuse the bag. It is not necessary to hand wash it after every use. But in case of hand wash, use only warm water, or the metal buckles may get damaged.


The bread bag can store the bread for up to 3 months in a frost-free freezer.


Ruff bread basket

A multipurpose breadbasket is a kitchenware everyone would want in their homes. This is a handy piece that is uniquely designed not just to keep the roll of baked items fresh but also to serve as a filter.


The basket has been given a shape in which it is higher on one side and lower on the other. This essentially allows it to hold a variety of baked goods of variant shapes and sizes. There is a slot in the rim with a slope to aid in draining water easily when straining anything.


Cake Stand

When we talk about bakeries, cakes are a must. Baking a cake needs a stand. Ellementry gives you a cake stand that can also be used to show off your freshly baked cookies, cupcakes, pastries and pies. Displaying baked cakes becomes a problem as few may have cream on them and this may tend to melt and grease the place. They may double up as a holder of several pastries as well as a serving stand.


Toast racks

Freshly baked bread is always fun to have. On top of that, if you can serve your guests freshly toasted bread slices, it would make their dining experience memorable. The toast racks from Ellementry are a must as they help keep the toast perfect and crisp for buttering.

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