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Hey, did you recently invest in a home bar for your family home? If you did, chances are you’ve also invested in some quintessential bar tools like the cocktail shaker! But, if you’ve never made a cocktail before, you might want to stop and read this blog. 

Making a cocktail for your guests is one of the most exciting activities. However, if you mess it up, it can be a tad embarrassing. Nevertheless, mixing a cocktail isn’t rocket science. With a few simple recipes, you can practice until you master the art of cocktail making. 

Well, for your convenience, this blog has some interesting cocktail recipes you can make in your cocktail shaker. 

Let’s Get Started! 



Martini has pretty much become a household name ever since James Bond made it famous. But it was around for a pretty long time. The name Martini was taken from an Italian vermouth brand in 1863. 

Around the same time, in San Fransisco, a drink named Martinez rose to popularity. This drink contained vermouth, gin, Maraschino along with bitters. Later, the bitters and Maraschino were removed from the drink and thus, emerged the classic Martini.  

Now, the Martini is so loved across the globe due to its ‘he citrus essence of a lemon twist’ or brine-y olive tone that gives it such an edge. 

To make a starter Martini, you’ll need: 

  • 1 oz dry vermouth 
  • 2 oz gin
  • A cocktail shaker 


Take out your cocktail shaker and add some ice to it. After that, pour your dry vermouth and gin and give the mixture a light stir. Since you’re not exactly adding fruits, you do not need to shake the concoction.  

Once you stir the beverage for 10 seconds, pour it into a martini glass. Now, add a dice of lemon on the side and serve it cool. 

Gin and Tonic 


Gin and tonic do not go back for many decades. It was rather a clever invention by the British soldiers from the British East India Company. During the 1800s, there was a malaria outrage that often affected the soldiers. Therefore, to counter that, the soldiers had to take quinine. But the quinine was bitter, and thus, to counter its bitterness, the soldiers mixed it with gin, lime, sugar and water. 

This soon became popular and gave rise to the modern gin and tonic.  

Now, the gin and tonic is a classic drink as it is ideal for warmer weather. The lovely combination of gin, with tonic and a citric lime wedge, cools the body and relaxes the mind. 

To make a basic Gin and Tonic, you’ll need: 

  • Tonic water, lime wedge, gin
  • Ice
  • Cocktail shaker 


    Pour ice over the cocktail shaker and chill the glass. After that add lime and gin to your preference before stirring it for 10 seconds. After that, take a strainer if your cocktail shaker doesn’t have one. Place the strainer at the mouth of the cocktail shaker and strain the liquid into a glass tumbler. Once done, attach a lime wedge at the side of the glass and serve it chilled. 



    You know the classic daiquiri wasn’t served in some Slurpee like contraption back in the days. Rather, the drink was invented in the quaint town of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American war.  

    The military veterans often enjoyed this drink at whim and by the early 1900s, the drink has become popular in America. Soon, it became a popular beverage enjoyed by many famous personals like JFK to Hemingway. 

    Later, Sasha Petraske, one of the most popular social influencers reviewed the drink and modified it. Today, we enjoy the modified version of the daiquiri, which is loved by all owing to its unique taste. The classic ones feature a sweet-sour taste with a strong undertone! 

    To make a Daiquiri, you’ll need: 

    • ¾ oz simple syrup
    • 2 oz White rum
    • 1 oz Lemon
    • Ice
    • Cocktail shaker 


      In your cocktail shaker, add ice and let it cool the metal. After that, add the syrup, white rum and lemon and secure the cocktail shaker by attaching the cap. Now, take hold the shaker securely over your shoulders and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Once the cocktail shaker starts to frost up, use a strainer if you don’t have one, to strain the liquid into a glass. 

      Decorate it as you wish and serve it cold! 



      The sidecar was first introduced around World War I and was named after a motorcycle attachment. Now, we aren’t sure where it was exactly born, it could be a gentlemen's club or a fancy hotel in France, but either way, the Sidecar was a big hit thanks to the inclusion of ingredients like Cointreau and Cognac. 

      This drink features an acidic taste with a dry finish, that one can feature as an acquired taste. This one is ideal for a little night-time drinking. 

      To make the Sidecar, You’ll Need: 

      • A cocktail shaker
      • 3/4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
      • 3/4 oz Cointreau
      • 2 oz Cognac
      • Orange peel 


        Take a coupe glass and place it over a plate of sugar to attach the sugar to the rim of the glass. Next, take all the mixture and add it into a cocktail shaker with ice. Once you all the ingredients, take the cocktail shaker and shake the mixture for 10-15 seconds. Once, the cocktail shaker starts to frost up, it means your drink is prepared. 

        After that, strain the drink and pour it into the coupe glass. Lastly, add an orange peel at the side and serve it fancy. 



        You've all heard of the margarita! It’s a fancy summer drink, which is very popular with the ladies! However, the origins of the margarita are still quite murky. There are many stories attached to it, regardless, the most popular one is of the Tijuana nightclub owner. He apparently, crafted the drink to impress a performer by the name of Margarita Cansino. Later, this woman became the well-known Rita Hayworth. 

        The margarita is popular due to its sweetly acidic taste with a salted rim. 

        To make this margarita, you’ll need: 

        • 1 oz Cointreau
        • 1 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
        • 2 oz silver tequila 


          Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and give it a little shake. After that, rub salt on the rim of a margarita glass and strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into it. Serve it chilled! You can also check out other margarita recipes online and try those out. However, for starters, this is the best option to make!

          Well, there you go! These recipes are ideal to try with your cocktail shaker. So, hurry this summer, try out all these recipes and impress your guests with your unique mixing style. Cheers! 

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