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A new house is a blessing which reflects the life struggle. It is the best moment full of excitement about moving to a new place. A new house is where we can add decors of our choice and can fill it with love. Moving to a new place is a moment of happiness and full of emotions of leaving the old place with several memories. A housewarming gift to give to hosts is not only a gesture but it also helps the hosts in elegantly decorating their new house. Housewarming gifts to give the hosts must prove helpful and this can be anything like kitchen accessories (cutlery sets, serving sets, dinner sets, cutlery stand, trivet etc.), bathroom accessories, decors for different rooms (clock, lanterns, candles, wall art, etc.), etc. You can check out all of these items at one place, Ellementary.

Some of the best housewarming gifts to give may include the following items- 


The entrance of the new house must have something welcoming and must also bring happiness in the house. A welcoming doormat is one of the most essential and wonderful housewarming gifts to give. There are a variety of doormats available in the market that will make the entry of house unique. Even these days customized doormats are available as a gift option. 

House number/name plaque

A new house, a new house number and a perfect time to represent the house with your name. When a family starts planning to move to their new house, they look for a unique and perfect plaque that will display the number and name of the owner of the house. A housewarming gift to give to the hosts is a stylish and classic plaque with the house number and name of the owner. A huge range of house name/number plaque is available in the market like wooden, metallic or plastic. 

Lamps and Lights

New house must have a lot of light so that positive energy stays forever within. When an invitation comes for a housewarming party, there is a need for deciding a perfect gift. Lamps and lights are considered as one of the best housewarming gifts to give. Different types of lamps can be presented to the hosts so that they can light up each corner of the house. Visit Ellementry to buy the best of pendant lamps and table lamps for a housewarming gift to give.  

Walls of the house tell different stories and walls indeed speak. It is a wonderful way to make the walls of the house more expressive with some paintings and artifacts. Housewarming gifts should be given to hosts so that their house becomes more expressive, each part of their house will have something special. Ellementry presents you with several wall arts that are metallic and give the walls some trendy look. 


A housewarming party invitation makes you excited as you are gonna celebrate the new house and will give something special to make the house better. Housewarming gifts to give for a person who has a special love for the kitchen and related items are available in a wide range. For a new kitchen, a new dinnerware is the best gift. Many items fall into the category of dinnerware like a bowl, plate, butter dish, thali, toast rack, salt pepper shaker, etc. You can buy a housewarming gift to give a kitchen lover from Ellementry and make your hosts feel special. 

Table Accessories

Center of the house means the living room is the best place where everyone gathers and celebrates each moment of life together. In most of the new houses, the living room is coupled with the dining room of the house. A new house dining table also needs some new accessories that will give it a new look. A table accessory is one of the best housewarming gifts to give to the hosts for their new house. There are some trendy as well as traditional table accessories like cutlery stand, trivets, spoon rest, tea bag rest, napkin ring, bottle stopper, etc. If you wish to gift trivets to your host then go to Ellementry website and look for trivets to buy. 

Personalized kitchenwares

A kitchen accessory that has some personalization is of great affection for the hosts. Personalized items are best for a housewarming gift to give to your friends and family for their new house. A new house kitchen can be decorated with different personalized items like chopping boards, tea coasters, trivets, ladles, etc. All these items can be engraved with names and sometimes, images.

Kitchen linen

In a new house, old stinking kitchen linens might take away the fresh fragrance of the new kitchen. A housewarming gift to give for a new house kitchen is funky and trendy kitchen linen-like kitchen towel and kitchen duster. Funky kitchen linen not only impresses the hosts but also attracts the kids in the house. Other than towels, placemats and table covers can also be considered as a housewarming gift to give to the hosts. Different types of mats, runners, table covers and napkins are available on Ellementry for your friend for their new kitchen in the new house. 

A new house needs everything new that complement its beauty and also enhances the elegance of the house. A housewarming gift must be a unique decor or items of the kitchen that have a purpose in the house. Buy some of the best housewarming gifts from Ellementry and enhance the beauty of the house of your friend or family’s new house. 

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