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Birthday around the corner? It is a time to celebrate life and memories. Birthdays are very special and what adds to their charm are the birthday gifts that we receive. We love receiving gifts. Why not be the one who excels with their gifting ideas? Yes, it surely is not an easy nut to crack. But you know what there are so many things that we can't fix our head around. Birthday gifts for our loved ones should not be a problem anymore. We are here to help you sort a few ideas about birthday gifts for him/her. The situation becomes easier when the birthday is of someone close to us. We know their needs and demands and can pick something suiting their needs. But it's not the same with the birthdays of our colleagues, far off relatives and so on. Well, what might be the situation we have made out a list of ideas that would work fine. You can always go for the no brainers gift options like mugs, frames, watches, diaries. These options never go out of fashion and generally prove to be useful. Let's not indulge ourselves in gifts that are useless and will end up lying in some corner of their house or would keep moving from one home to another like cycle. Mugs, as we know, make a great birthday gift for him/her and you can easily pick one from any nearby store or you can check what we have got at ellementry.

Okay, you might be done with the same old idea of packing up mugs. Worry not, no matter these are anytime pickup, our ideas are not limited here. You can get tongue-soothing chocolates, a bottle of antique wine, a jar of handmade candies, healthy teabag boxes, beautiful pots and vases as well as customized merchandise. When it comes to pretty and useful gifts, ellementry sure has a lot to offer. For we understand your needs as well as the importance of presentation!

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Not sure what exactly to pick?

Are you not sure what to pick or from where to grab your idea of gifts? Are you not convinced with the above-mentioned ideas? We get you! Picking up birthday gifts for him/she has never been an easy task and at times we end up getting something completely off track. Don’t you worry, Ellementry is here to work out on such woes of its customers? Give these bullet points a read to get a rough idea of gifts.

Minimalistic ideas- Minimalism is something that is preferred by a lot of people and as always leave the greatest impact. It's no different with gifts. You can pick minimalist table accessories like a clock whose tickling will always remind him of you, a pen stand or a set of tea or coffee bag stands. If your friend is a tea lover or a homemaker, then they would love a kitchen accessory like a tea bag or a set of handcrafted mugs.

These teabag rest boxes add charm to the table and also protects the bags from air and dust. If you want to put some add on to this idea, then go grab fresh tea leaves of your friend’s choice and get them packed in jute bags. Following this idea, you can prepare a perfect set of love and care!

Birthday ideas for him- Let's make ideas more specific by focusing on birthday gifts for him. We can't disagree with the fact that men love watches and wallets. You can get one from different online stores or any store in your vicinity. Fancy watches never go out of fashion and men love them. Let's not miss on a good set of beard grooming products. So, what you need to do is make a customized box of beard wax, gels, trimmer and other relatable products and gift it to your loved ones. If your friend/relative is into home decor don't forget to check ellementry to find aesthetic products that will ooze them.

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Gifts for her- Okay! We all agree on the point that, there are a lot of options available when it comes to birthday gifts for her. But don’t you highly agree that this abundant option creates a lot of confusion as well? But guess who is the saviour here? Undoubtedly, Ellementry. We are mentioning a few ideas to help you. Starting with pretty pendants to flowers to bracelets and everything in between, women love all of these. You can also sum up a good set of grooming products like a manicure kit? Or go for the age-old tradition of packing a box filled with chocolates, useful items, and perfumes. If you want to show that you did put an effort while planning the gift go for a nice collage of photos of her best memories and along with that pick up some aesthetic flowers. And never forget that whatever you gift her, adding love is mandatory. After all that what matters the most, isn’t it?

Alternative options

Fandom Merchandise- Firstly We can't do away the fact that fandom merchandise is something that holds a whole another level. There are thousands of options available when it comes to fandom merchandise. All you need to do is figure out your friend's favorite show or superhero and get them posters, sippers, clocks, mugs of the same. There are many walk-in stores in cities that offer a great range of fandom merchandise. The best part of gifting someone merchandise is that they are available in different price ranges so you can easily pick one up suiting your pocket. You can, in fact, get a customized t-shirt or bags of their choices!

Spend heavy- Now coming to those of you who wouldn't mind splurging a big amount on birthday gifts for him/her. You guys no doubt have tons of options available but let's be honest not everything costly is worth it. While you are planning on spending a lot of money make sure you pick a good one. You can get a full-size lamp from any fancy home decor store. Or go for expensive perfumes, who wouldn't like themselves some good perfumes? If the birthday person has a liking for coffee then get him/her a coffee machine, it would make them go gaga over it. If he/she is into makeup, then why even bother looking for anything else get a good combo of makeup pallet and wrap it up.

Pocket-friendly ideas- for on a budget people, you don't need to worry either. We have options for you too. Books are one thing that must be on your list as they don't make a hole in your pocket and makes a great idea for birthday gifts. Now if you wondering that this suits only one section of people then you can pick up pots, mugs, tea sets. You can also check elementary for budget-friendly birthday gift ideas. 

Handmade ideas- Looking for something that shows that you truly care about his/her birthday then step out to a stationary store pick some stuff and DIY a card, scrapbook or a frame. You can also grab a jar and put a handwritten letter sharing how grateful you are for their existence. This idea would undoubtedly melt their hearts. If this sounds a bit hectic then just get a pretty diary and paste a few pictures and gift it to them. This would show that you care and wouldn't drain your energy.

Now that you have a variety of ideas for birthday gifts grab it and make the birthday party of your loved ones a little more special!

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